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Poll Smokin'

Mamapop readers, we need your input! Since our recent open threads and liveblogging experiments have been so popular, we want to hear from you about which shows/events you'd like to see covered in this fashion in the future, so I've created a handy-dandy poll sos we can get your feedback. The poll is located in the center sidebar, just beneath our "Supported By" advertising (and fyi, this is where any/all future polls will reside). Please vote! And also please feel free to add clarifying comments/suggestions/etcetera in the comments here -- we really want your thoughts on this one.

Gracias, my peoples!

EDIT: On the subject of site bizness: A number of people have emailed us recently inquiring about possibly writing for Mamapop. And though we're incredibly flattered and humbled by the interest, we wanted to let people know that at this time we aren't taking on any additional authors. However, that certainly might change down the road, and if it does, we'll keep ya'll in mind for sure. Alright? S'alright. And thanks!

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As fun as the liveblogging events are, I would prefer more snarky brief recaps and witticisms about stoopid stars and links to the remaining awesomeness of pop culture that I may have missed. I already waste too much time on mamapop and the blogs of the contributors (not that that is your problem, per se).

Of course once a year TV shows such as awards and things would totally fit in with that category of what mamapop does so well. I think that TWoP does a fab job on the protracted TV show recap... perhaps it's a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" thing as opposed to "sometimes more is just more". Knowwhatimean?

Love this.
Love you.
Thanks for existing.


I'd totally take part in a Lost liveblogging event, both for the re-premiere in a couple weeks and the finale. But I'd also like awards shows, like the Oscars. So I'm guessing I should have picked "Awards shows and premieres" so I sorta stink at taking polls. LOL.


for shows like LOST we were kicking around the idear of maybe having an open thread up AFTER the show -- since shows like LOST (and probably 24) are kind of attention-intensive, but it might be cool to have a place to go rehash/gripe/snark *afterwards*, ya know? does that sound like a good idea to ya'll?


I looove the open threads and liveblogs but probably won't take part in any liveblogs- not a good typist, for one thing!
I'm a red carpet person myself.


Tracey-YES! It would definitely be cool to be able to come here and rehash all the clues (and of course snark on the holes in the plot) after "Lost". I thought last night's open-commenting during "American Idol" was fun and I hope you do it next week too.

What about a "Heroes" open thread as well?


I like the open threads ideas - threads for the Office, Heroes, 24, and Antiques Roadshow would be most appreciated.


the office and antiques roadshow! hadn't even thought about those...

we may have nightly open threads at this rate. ya'll best exercise them digits, get em' pumped and ready TO RUMBLE!

Mrs. CPA

I like the American Idol open comments and the Live blogging as well as the awards live blogs. Some of the other TV shows I might like to discuss afterwards, but the AI auditions and its last few shows are perfect for something like open commenting since it's not thought intensive and it helps to talk about it in real time because I think you loose part of it when trying to recount it later.

The only problem with the live blogging of other shows it that a lot of people have to TIVO them. I normally watch when I get home from work (and as tax season gets heavier and heavier that could mean midnight), and I can still come out and take part in the fun of an open thread. It also helps with any time zone differences so everybody can play!


I truely enjoy the live blogging. How about live blogging Top Design - the new show on Bravo that starts after the season finale of Top Chef. Okay...I am a reality show junkie, is the right support group?

Amy Beth

I LOVE live blogging but it seems others are in alternative time zones and that might be a problem, especially with spoiler alert shows such as Lost and 24.

Amy Beth

Oh if only we were live blogging Ugly Betty tonight. The discussion around Betty and Daniel singing I Got You Babe would be AWESOME!


I watched American Idol on my DVR last night with a laptop in front of me so that I could enjoy the snark as the show unfolded. Am I a total geek? I'm doing it again tonight with the second episode & open thread. Whee!


kittybean, that is awesome! try to be around next week for the open threads -- they're a lot of fun (as you've probably gathered)!


Antiques Roadshow????? I am among my people!!!!

They have had some serious finds in Honolulu this year---the yooge "galconda" diamond the guy had, the friggin Canadian wood bowl (I bet everyone there thought it was Koa wood), and others.

My favorite AR moment is still the Navajo blanket the guy brought in that was appraised at 250-500K. The appraiser was almost crying at looking at it.

Alright, back to my hole.


I made my vote for Survivor, but also would love to see the liveblogging of Lost and Amazing Race!

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