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New MamaPop Poll: Moar Moar Moar!

Dearest MamaPop readers,

First, have we told you how pretty you are lately? Because man, you're smokin'!

But down to business! Inquiring minds wanna know: what would you like to see more of on MamaPop? More celeb news? More music or movie coverage? More amusing web junk, or perhaps some additional open thread fun? Please make your thoughts known by submitting your preference in our new poll, visible in the center column of this page beneath the ads, or over on yonder polls page.

Don't see what you'd really like more of as an option? Leave us a comment here letting us know your deep, dark (but hopefully not too dark) desires.

Your most humble and obedient servants,
Team Mamapop xoxo

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What ever happened to the Gilmore threads? Please bring them back!


Hey, Crystal! Sorry they've been AWOL lately. My excuse? My local CW affiliate will often show basketball games in Gilmore Girls' slot, moving the episode to a Sunday afternoon or something. This really sucks, and it has put a cramp in our liveblogging style, fo sho. Because not only do they show basketball in GG's timeslot? They don't give you any advanced notice, really. They'll pimp the upcoming GG episode for days, and you'll tune in, and it'll be "Welcome to ACC basketball!" And then there is much cursing and strongly worded letters composed in my head. We'll try to do better, we promise!

Amy H.

I voted for politics, but I mean it within the context of pop culture still. (You know, like when Cheney shoots a friend in the face.) Anytime wacky stuff like that happens, I like to chat about it. :-)

Also--Grey's Anatomy thread. C'mon! I hate watching it alone.


LOLZ, you just put "Sports" in there to see if we were paying attention or summat', right? (Right???)


DavidS, we've covered sports before... if there was interest, we'd do more (championships & finals, most likely).


Okay, so I'm probably the ONLY person who likes liveblogging more than open threads. But, thats only because my timezone is WAY off from your guyses, so i can never participate. But I LOVE watching the episode and then reading the liveblog about it.


i would like more current event blogging. Opinion stuff.
AM I the only one the freakn HATES American idol.


I don't like the open threads, though it appears I am alone. I have 2 kids who hog the computer most nights, don't have a laptop AND mostly watch the good TV by TiVo after bedtimes or in daytime when they're gone. SO, I don't get to do the openthreads things.

I like poking fun of celebs, pop culture and news (stupid news). Also the TV show stuff. I've learned of a few new shows here I didn't know about. Yeah, cuz I need some more things to watch on TV.

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