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Open Thread: Anna Nicole Autopsy Results

If you need to catch up, the liveblog below will get you up to speed. Feel free to share your thoughts on the just-released autopsy results or anything else about ANS in this open thread.

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What i want to know is why ANS was on Topamax, which is a seizure medication. And what caused the stomach, back and other pain that was so severe she had to take fricken methadone?


Does ANYONE else think that she is the perfect example of a wasted life? Just me? K... sigh


Topomax is often used for migrains. :)


Tessa: Oh really? That makes more sense I guess. And yes, a wasted life, for sure.


Yeah. I dunno how LONG she'd been taking it for course. Lots of anti seizure meds are used for different things. Neurontin for example is used for Diabetic Neuropathy but its main use is anit seizure. (I work for an insurance company on the Pharmacy side heh. Is it weird that I know these things... prolly. )


God. I need to learn to proof read my spelling. Geesh!


I have no clue on the pain meds. From what you were reporting in the live blog she used it for sleep. I've not heard of it being used for that but its not unheard of for Dr's to prescriber medications for treatment of medical issue that are considered "off label".


The ME said she took methadone for pain and the chloral hydrate for sleep problems. I wonder if all her meds were prescribed by one doctor? That's an awful lot of shit to be on, IMO. I mean was ANS really in need of ALL those different anti-anxiety meds?


It will be interesting to see what the inquest into Daniel's death yields. I mean why the frig did they find two different anti-depressants in his body. Is that normal to be on more than one? And the methadone? I still can't understand that.


Ahhh ok. (That'll teach me to skim heh) They probably weren't all from one prescriber. That's a very common problem with medications. Most people don't take their medical records from one physician to another or forget to list a med on their patient history and then bad drug interactions happen. You'd be amazed at the safeguards that insurance companies use to help doctors and patients avoid that stuff though. We have a whole SLEW of "error messages" to alert pharmacies to potential drug interactions and claims won't pay without special overrides. Ok... Imma shaddup about insurance now lol. I dun wanna bore you. (I can just SEE you sitting there with that glassy eyed expression =I= get with the huband starts talking about all kinds of technical crap for IP TV installation and computer networking heh)


Its not uncommon for more than one anti-depressant to be taken. Some handle anxiety better than meloncholy and vice versa. Depression is multifaceted and has a lot of symptoms and very rarely does one medication help with all the problems it can cause.

My dad actually used to work with Cyril Wecht, the Dr. that did the first Autopsy on Daniel. Every time I see his name linked to a high profile case I just kinda go... Woah!

I STILL think DKS had SOMETHING to do with all of this. He gives me the Heebie Jeebies... (I'd have to be on alla those meds and MORE to sleep with THAT dude!)


No, it's actually kind of interesting. And clearly you know a lot of relevant info about drugs. I have to put my son down for a nap. Will BBL


Heh I'll be here. The ins and outs of the insurance industry can be interesting but God... taking the phone calls is mind numbingly dull a lot of the time. Heh. I'll be around. This site keeps me sane when we're slow at work. (Well, this site and TWoP heh)


I was surprised that TrimSpa wasn't the smoking gun of all the drugs in her system.


Yanno, I don't know all that much about TrimSpa. Those weight loss drugs come and go and I just kinda... IGNORE them and all their advertising and info and stuff. None of em work without damaging your system even if they ARE FDA approved (See Fen Fen heh) I doubt they'll ever know all the things that contributed to her death. She was on so MUCH... STUFF. Yanno?

Is it wrong that I've always wanted to take her aside and just shake her till she gets some sense??? I feel that way about a LOT of the "Stars" these days, Lindsay Lohan, Brit-Brit... Its like they have no one guiding them and teaching them what being a PERSON is rather than a commidity or a brand. Meh.


"Methadone for pain" - ?? Not really buying that.

Dad Gone Mad

I have heard Topamax used as a "mood stabilizer."


Methadone is actually commonly used for pain especially when the patient has shown addictive tendancies on opiate drugs in their history.


Tessa, you're a great resource!

Amy H.

Amanda--very true. no mention of TrimSpa!


Remember in her stand-up special Kathy Griffin called TrimSpa "heroin"? I'm sad that she's gonna have to retire that joke now.


Its Kathy Griffin... are you SURE she'll retire it??? heheheh



I haven't heard of that but that doesn't mean anything. They use the anticonvusives for so many OTHER things its unreal.


What we suspected about her death is pretty much right on, so what I would like to get the ball rolling on is who's the daddy???, because we know it's Larry, they just need to confirm it. Like I said from the begining we should have gotten Maury on the paternity case, he solves them in 1 hour.


and if none of them are the daddy we can tune in next week to see the next 5 contestants... :)


BWAH!!! OMG... like that one woman who's tested like 16 guys now... ::looks around wide eyed:: Whut? It was on when I was home sick! Heheh


BTW- did anybody read Dr. Perper as Dr. Pepper?
Just me?


All the comments I was going to make re: the meds have already been made. Neurontin, Topamax, etc are often used for neuropathic pain. Methadone is also used as a pain medicine. I firmly believe she was 'doctor hopping' so not all docs would know about the different scripts. It's one way for people with addictive tendancies to get something that one doctor has already decided they won't give you anymore.

I'm glad that it's not out and out obvious that she was murdered. I still don't trust HKS as far as I could possibly throw him, but at least it's not a blatant 'I got away with it' thing.

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