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David Lynch Does Not Mince Words

At least with regard to the matter of product placement:

Best thing about that clip? The long-winded, droning build-up from the interviewer being instantaneously and unceremoniously flattened when Lynch opens his mouth. God, I love that dude.

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I love him too, and that was a fabulous way to end a Friday at work. Thank you!!


Man, I wish he was my uncle. I like how the idiot interviewer thought that he had to explain the definition of product placement to DAVID FUCKING LYNCH?!?! And was that guy like 21?


nick -- i thought the SAME THING. and how cool would it be to have a Crazy Uncle David Lynch? i feel so... cheated.


awesome. It would have been even better if at the end of the inerview a mutant baby appeared in Lynch's arms and a blonde started having a seizure for no apparent reason and then they all travelled to a different dimension before Nicolas Cage appeared out of nowhere to beat the shit out of everyone.


Dude, crazy uncle David Lynch would be the best!

"Here Nick, look at this fetus I've created out of paper mache and spaghetti noodles."


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