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Fashion Disaster(s) of the Week: WTF Already Edition

A weekly recap of the celeb fashion choices that made me feel the most stabby and angry and also way superior about those pants I bought at Target.

Okay. Seriously. WTF. Did we learn nothing from Jessica?


People, I will never stop railing against the high-waisted diaper pant. I will not! 'Tis my mission!


Oh, that's it. Mischa has blown RIGHT PAST the On Notice board and is now squarely in the Dead To Me category.

(I'm also pretty sure inner thighs aren't supposed to be concave.)

And while I know lamenting Britney's wardrobe choices is like complaining that the sky is blue and Starbucks is overpriced and your vacation to Obviousville was really touristy and cliche (please see exhibit A, B and C from JUST THIS WEEK), but just to put the diaper pants in perspective...


Cheesy hat, dumb wig, a dog pelt stapled to a poorly proportioned jacket -- nothing new here -- and HOLY CHRIST ALMIGHTY. WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS ON HER FEET?

Do you ever wonder if Britney is punking us?

And what's even more important: can you even bring yourself to choose which look is worse? I mean, is there even a point?

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Dad Gone Mad

Mischa, nice pregnancy jeans.

Britney, nobody else got the memo about Dress Like Zsa-Zsa, Garth Brooks and Captain Hook All At The Same Time Day. In the future, please forward the email to the rest of us.


Even after squishing my face up against the computer screen, I cannot figure out what the HECK is on her feet!!


those are MOM JEANS people. being a mom, i hate to bring out that phrase, but think back to what your mom was wearing circa 1987, and THAT'S IT RIGHT THERE.

britney *has* to be punking us. what other explanation is there?


Dear GOD, the CAMEL TOE!!!! My eyes...the bleeding...


I think perhaps Britney wasn't allowed to play dress up as a child. She is reverting back to childhood.


Looking at these pictures I am so afraid that the high waist pants are going to be totally the "it" thing this time next year. Dude, I really don't ever want to wear them. Please, please, please don't let them be in style.


(seriously, I'm afraid.)

Sarah Marie

I love how that arrow is pointing right to Mischa's head. Like "dumbass pants right here."


I used to think that if you were tall and skinny and leggy, like Mischa Barton, everything would look good on you.

I no longer think that.

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