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Gilmore Girls: Just Like Riding a Bike (Into Traffic) (If Only)


Look, Show: you can put bright red lipstick on April and make her all pretty, but in the end all it does is make me fixate on her mouth and HOW MUCH TALKING THAT DAMN GIRL DOES.

Bah. I don't even know anymore. Was this a good episode? Bad? I've just...completely disengaged, and the possibility of ANOTHER SEASON is just bugging me. (The latest rumors suggest that season 8 is pretty much a "done deal," and that the only lingering question is whether the CW will order 13 or 16 episodes.) We've had some really good episodes this season, but I still can't shake the feeling that the writers have lost their grip on the story arcs and another season will draaaaaaag things out. Things that I could solve in one episode!

Like this:

RORY: I got the fellowship! I'm going to New York! *tosses cap in air, where it collides with a pigeon, which craps on her head*

LOGAN: I'm so proud of you, Ro- *gets hit by a bus*

RORY: OMG! It's a sign! I shouldn't go to New York. Should I? I should. No, I shouldn't. Etc.

DEAN: Rory! Don't go to New York! Come travel cross-country and solve supernatural mysteries with me!

JESS: Dude, you can come to New York AND solve supernatural mysteries with me. Just sayin'.

RORY: *chooses self*

SOOKIE: *has quadruplets*

LANE: *not appearing in this episode, because seriously. there's no saving her at this point.*

APRIL: *also not appearing in this episode, because seriously. she's useless.*

RICHARD & EMILY:  Blah blah blah fire the maid blah rich people shenanigans

CHRISTOPHER: *gets hit by a bus*

LUKE: Lorelai! I love you!

LORELAI: Luke! I love you!

LUKE & LORELAI: *ride off into sunset on Luke's dad's boat, happily ever after*

PARIS: *gets her own spin-off*

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You're so great, now that I've found you I don't HAVE to watch the show because now I can come see you. You have made me realize that I am NOT a 15 year old girl who loves every second of this show anymore. I DO NOT have to hide my secret love for it from my friends any longer. Because, my dearest Gilmore Girls, you have really beat it into the ground, you have tortured it, dragged it, and probably ate it, or spoken about it, because that is what you do, and because thats all you have done for the last 7 years I am not in love with you anymore. I may still secretly love you a little TINY bit, but thats probably just me trying to get over the fact that you suck now.
I married the only man I ever dated, how will I get over breaking up with them??

Rachel Hauck

I love Gilmore Girls and was really glad when Lorelai ran into Logan in the kitchen - what a coinkydink - in the middle of the night and talked it out.

They are trying hard to make him a good guy!



Full disclosure: I watched twenty minutes of the episode, had to take a phone call, and forced my husband to tape the rest of the show for me to watch later. So, I watched last night, but there was a continuity issue for me. Gilmore girl interrupted (bad joke).

And maybe that is why the Scene I Should Have Loved in the hay maze had no emotional impact whatsoever. Or maybe, like Amy, I've disengaged and no longer feel anything more than curiosity about how it's gonna end. (Please CW, just let it end. In May. No more episodes next season, really.) I really liked Lorelai and Logan's scene in the kitchen and especially how they have transformed Logan from "li'l Christopher" into "li'l Lorelai." But otherwise? Yawn.

However, all the tv critics I've read today seemed to enjoy the episode a lot.


The better half and I used to watch it religiously. We haven't watched the last four episodes or so. What I'm trying to say Gilmore Girls....is that we're breaking up with you, but remember, it not us, its you. Bye.


I'm with you and have been really disengaged. I feel bad for new writers this year that had to dig out of a crap hole of stupid plots. But then it wasn't on for like what seemed like months and I was totally OK with it.

And then last night I almost broke my TV from all the shoes I threw at it when Logan was on. Shut up. Shut up. SHUT UP!

Please CW, let it die.

Suzy Q

Holy fucking FUCK, Amy! Your wrap-up is hilarious! And, think of the good it would do all of us were it to happen that way. But, we know it won't. Sigh.

I still haven't watched last night's episode; have it TiVoed. I can't help it. It may suck regularly and occasionally not suck quite so much this season, but I'll watch it until the bitter end. Because I'm a fan, dammit.

No Season 8!!


Could we start a Gilmore Girls petition? Instead of a save GG, maybe a kill GG? Its so hard to watch a formerly good show die a slow, undignified death.


but what about michelle? perhaps he takes over the inn now that suki has 17 kids and lorelei is off on the boat with luke?


That's probably the best finale episode ever. And I bet Paris's spinoff will totally kick the ass of Grey's 2.0.

Jennifer L.

Paris totally deserves her own show.


I stopped watching this show a long time ago, and even so, this ending seems fitting. "Rory chooses self", Luke and Lorelai get together and "Paris gets her own spinoff." Perfect! Amalah=genius.


YES! YES!!!!


Am I the only one who got seriously pissed that they cheated Lane? Rory and Logan walk into the diner and are all "hey Zack we saw boy1asianname and boy2americanname" and in case we're too dumb to figure it out he replies "how's lane?" like he hasn't seen his wife in awhile.

Beyond that--WTF with the maze. We all get it...Talor Dosie=drunk with power...but still.

Please oh please oh please do NOT save GG. How do we start a petition?

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