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Rosie O'Donnell Grabs Crotch and Quits The View


After grabbing her crotch yesterday and screaming "Eat Me!" (in reference to Donald Trump) at the Matrix Awards for 2,000 of New York’s most accomplished women in media including Martha Stewart, Hilary Clinton, Barbara Walters, and 17 high school students, Rosie O’Donnell announced today that she has quit The View.

Do you think this will help or hurt the show?

VIDEO of Rosie's announcement after the jump...

Rosie announced this morning:

"Breaking News. I've decided we couldn't come to terms with my deal. I wanted one year. ABC wanted three years."

(Watch VIDEO here.)

She says she'll be on frequently next season but won't be a regular. Barbara Walters is reportedly sad that they haven't yet thought of a replacement.

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and of course donald trump is taking 'credit' for it. [rolls eyes]


oh Donald, what I would pay to see you get caught in the rain simply so I could point and laugh.


There is nothing better then grabbing your crouch and yelling "Eat Me!", at an event that celebrates accomplished women in media...(classy)

I'm glad she's going, but only because she's has no respect for other peoples opinions.

Dad Gone Mad

I don't watch The View (because I have testicles), but I'm sure this news would be a reason for celebration if I did. Can't stand that asshat. She makes my butt water.

Heidi T

I love Rosie and she is the only reason I watched the view. I won't watch it anymore.


When Ro goes, so do I. She was the only reason I watched, and that's that. That being said, all the media attention is ridiculous. She's hinted about this on her blog FOREVER, and on her latest video blog, she seemed just fine with the decision. I loved watching her, but I'm glad she is going back to her family and away from all the asshats who insist on trying to hurt her all the time.

JenneLou (but sometimes Jennifer)

I used to love Rosie's show.

I cannot stand Star Jones, so I never watched The View.

So, I started watching again. Not a fan of Rosie anymore. She is too much. I just want her to shut her damn mouth. She doesn't seem to ever think she is wrong and I just find her obnoxious and grating.

Amy H.

dang it. I loved watching her on the View. I never Tivo'd it before, but I was on maternity leave when Rosie started the show and I have been Tivo-ing it every day since. Sigh. Guess it will go back to being boring.

also? hate Star Jones.


Good riddens!! She has become so obnoxious!! What happened to the jolly lady who sang with Elmo?


Yeah, she was the only reason I watched at all this year. Guess I won't be anymore. Bah.


Count me in as another person that will give up the View when Rosie departs. She makes that show what it is. Yes, she's over the top, but her political discussions are so on topic, and she is almost always right. She's very outspoken and there is no doubt about her feelings towards the Bush administration. She's even got BabaWaWa showing disgust with the Shrub. And Elizabeth Hasselback... she's sure changed her tune in the year Rosie's been on. She's gone from absolute Bush supporter to a real Bush doubter. She's still a conservative Republican, but she listens and thinks for herself and not on the party line so much now.

I think Rosie is hilarious, and she's got people talking about that show. She pushed their ratings way up and got a ton of recognition. She did what she was supposed to do and now she's going back to her family. I'll miss her, even though there are times when I want to tape her mouth shut.

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