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The Riches

463063425_983f47fee3_t_2 I'm not going to attempt a mega recap or anything, but life and then The Great MamaPop Outage of '07 have prevented me from discussing The Riches on here for the past two weeks. Argh! Anyway, things seem to have taken a turn toward the incredibly effed up and depressing, haven't they?

Over the past three weeks, we've seen the Malloys escape exposure multiple times. Incredible, really. They're averaging like five near-misses per episode.

The kids' characters are really starting to develop, with the exception of the youngest. He was a transvestite and now he's not because he wants to take intensive French courses at that private school...and that's about all we know at this point. The older son is pretty interesting. Dahlia and Wayne had that argument where Dahlia pointed out that, particularly during the scam that put Dahlia in prison, Wayne doesn't worry about the consequences, he's just excited by the risk. I think we're starting to see that in the older son's various scams that he's starting to run at school.

With Delilah, the daughter, and her "engagement" to Ken...that whole storyline is just so wild. I don't for a minute think that Wayne and Dahlia will actually let that go through (especially since in the previews for next week's episode we see Wayne saying that he has to go stop the wedding), but I don't think Delilah knows that. I'm pretty sure she sees herself as getting sold off to protect the family, which is something that she wants to do but not at the price of having to do the dirty-dirty with Ken. Barf.

Then last night we saw Dale, in his most psychotic and cruel act yet, and this is a guy who has repeatedly abused a pregnant woman, carry his incapacitated father out into the middle of the woods to freeze to death alone. Man. I was particularly upset by that. And the words he said to him as he got ready to walk away..."I'll carry you in my heart until the day I die." I was freaking out. FX is definitely on some next-level business with their dramas it seems.

The relationship between Dahlia and Hugh is really, uh, baffling. There's this sexual tension that I just don't get...at least not on Dahlia's part. I mean, obviously she can't really blow the whistle on Hugh's indiscretions with her. She would risk exposure. But she doesn't really seem to be disgusted by the whole thing. And the moment in last night's episode where she realizes that Hugh was on pills and she appeals to him in this very human moment to tell her how to get off of them. Hugh laughs and she literally grabs him by the balls and screams, "Don't you DARE laugh at me!" Here is Dahlia, with this unbelievable pressure on her...pressure to stay out of jail, pressure to keep her family together, pressure to keep them from getting caught, pressure to get healthy for the sake of herself and her family, pressure to reconcile with her family at the camp. And she snaps at the slimiest man she knows. Yet later in the episode she takes Hugh's advice and simply gives her pills away. Somehow she feels a connection with this guy. So intriguing.

The fact that Wayne is turning out to be a rather terrific lawyer is so funny. It's a lawyer joke in and of itself. Wayne also needs to stay off the booze all together, I think. As if drinking in the sauna isn't a horrible enough idea, he starts spouting off his life story to Hugh just before he pulls himself together enough to answer his phone and hear the news that his daughter's been arrested. He's very lucky he didn't get in trouble for...imitating a sketch artist? I don't know.

The show seems like it's really coming together now. Don't you think?

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ok. you've convinced me to give it another try--just that last part about him being a good lawyer has me intrigued again.


The part with Ken seems...a little forced. Like easy filler or something. Although it does show an interesting side of DeDe. I really thought the transvestite storyline with Sam would be more interesting, but then they just dropped it. I kind of wish they would have explored that more.

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