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Scandalous Pregnancies We Can't Forget


Everyone agrees that a baby on the way is a beautiful thing. But, some Hollywood pregnancies have been surrounded by less-than-ideal circumstances. Breakups, DNA tests, divorce: some celeb pregnancies had it all.

Here are some of the most infamous:


Bridget Moynahan announced she was pregnant with ex Tom Brady's baby at the same time photos of he and Gisele Bundchen frolicking in Europe circulated the internet.

Amidst rumors that Brad Pitt denied Jennifer Aniston a family throughout their 5 year marriage, Angelina Jolie became pregnant with Brad's daughter two months before his divorce to Jennifer was final.


Heidi Klum was six months pregnant with Flavio Briatore's daughter when she and Seal started dating.



Mel B was 5 months pregnant when Eddie Murphy publicly dumped her and voiced doubt over whether he was the father after all.


Billy Crudup dumped 8-month-pregnant long-time girlfriend Mary Louise Parker for a much younger woman, Claire Danes.


Reportedly it was Nicole Kidman's miscarried pregnancy that prompted Tom Cruise to state "Nic knows why we broke up" fueling speculation that he was sterile.


Denise Richards famously dumped partying husband Charlie Sheen while 6 months pregnant with their second daughter.


Katie Holmes became pregnant only two months after she and Tom Cruise started dating, causing conspiracy theories regarding the baby's paternity and the validity of their relationship to flourish. 




Steven Bing famously dumped Liz Hurley when she became pregnant, devastating her with his public claims that he doubted the baby boy was his son.

After being falsely accused of rape, Kobe Bryant publicly and emotionally apologized to wife Vanessa for the affair. She accepted his apology publicly by carrying his second daughter a year later.


Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott had a much publicized affair, both leaving their shocked spouses - Dean left a young son and a newborn daughter - and married each other six months later. Tori was pregnant six months after their beach wedding.

Personally, I always found the Nicole and Tom pregnancy the most shocking because of the timing!

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some of those pregnancies weren't really scandalous, but yeah... some of them were out of this world. my personal fave is the nic kidman/tom cruise pregnancy, cause back in those days, i was a die-hard fan of cruise (oh my, one sure was stupid as a kid!) and i got so happy when i realized that she must've cheated on him! yay! :D


Great post and photos!


Poor Liz Hurley - her little boy is the *spitting image* of her cad ex-boyfriend, Steven Bing. That's not great for the little boy, either.

I always thought it was so cool of Seal to start dating Heidi Klum when she was pregnant, and even cooler that he is pretty much raising her daughter as his own.


I would have thought Britney Spears would have been on the list !!!


Uhh..I'm not sure Kobe Bryant was "falsely" accused of rape. Didn't the women in question just choose not to testify? And didn't he later apologize for "his actions" because he realized now he misinterpreted her reaction to them?


Jacki - I decided against Britney, but you may be right!

Millie - I read a few articles last night, just to be clear and his accuser did "drop the charges". So, technically he's innocent. If she wanted "suspected" or "alleged" hanging over his head the rest of his life, she should have stuck with the prosecution, you know?


Hmmmmm.... methinks we are reading different gossip rags because everything I read about the Pitt/Aniston split was the opposite - the rumors I read reported that Pitt was the one who wanted to start a family, not Aniston (Friends had just ended the prior May and it was perceived as her big chance to break into movies). Aniston even had to defend herself on Oprah regarding it because she was being portrayed as a baby-hating career monger in the media. Then, the tide turned to Aniston's side more so when it was verified that Pitt had actually left her for Angelina, after all.

I was pretty scandalized by the Brady/Moynahan pregnancy, I'll admit it. I guess since I am pregnant myself, my heart goes out to Moynahan having to go through her pregnancy by herself. (sidenote: we follow the Patriots pretty closely here because when my husband came to the US, he lived in New England. All season long, I'd been telling my husband that Brady had a crummy season because of his breakup with Moynahan. My husband thinks I'm crazy. Whatever. He needs to pick up an US Weekly - that'll teach him.)


As another posting said, Kobe was not "falsely" accused. There were confirmed reports that he ended up paying for her medical treatment and giving her a lump sum of money. She said she paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in psychiatric bills as a result of the media attention. Then he later on apologized to wife...for what? If a witness decides not to testify, it doesn't mean a crime was not committed.


cagey, I thought it was that way, too. That Jen was the one denying Brad a family.


I have to agree with Cagey and Jaime, I must admit my fascination with the Pitt/Aniston breakup and the subsequent Pitt/Jolie coupling. ALL the gossip I read indicated Aniston was the one who denied Pitt a family in favor of pursuing her movie career after ten years on the TV series friends. It was listed as a major factor in not only their breakup but Pitt's interest in Jolie. In fact after Ocean's 12, there was a large TV interview with the entire cast (this was before the split) and he famously told the interviewer that the next project for him was a family. That was what he wanted.


Tom Cruise is NOT sterile!!! He got Nicole Kidman pregnant twice!!! It's NICOLE who can't CARRY TO TERM!!

Katie has a daughter, and Nicole is still not pregnant. Gee, I wonder who has the problem!!


I'm a little surprised the whole Anna Nicole Smith debacle didn't make the list.


My favorite pregnancy scandal was Keisha Castle-Hughes getting knocked up at 16. I know it's something that happens every day, but I'm surprised we haven't seen more of it with people in the spotlight.


I really want to like Tori Spelling because I loved So NoTORIous but Dean and leaving his wife and kids really skeeves me out.

And I'm still not convinced that Tom Cruise is the genetic baby daddy, period. the whole thing is still way too fishy.


Cagey - Actually, Jennifer gave an interview to Vanity Fair recently and set the record straight - that she always wanted children and that it was not her choice to wait during her marriage.


mmmm, let's see. tori divorced her ex coz she felt she was givin' more luv than she received. dean left HIS ex coz she treated him like shit & made him very unhappy. he still has joint custody & regular contact with his older child & the younger 1 isn't his legally or biologically.

they married 9mths after hooking up & tori was preg 2mths after they married.

u can really tell when a non-fan hasn't done their research & sensationalises the story to get readers & comments.


What about Gillian Anderson (X Files)? She should be on this list.

dark faith

i dont think jennifer aniston will have kids, i dont think she wants eny or she would have had them years ago, she probably only said she wanted them so people wouldnt hate on her.


uh, I'd have to agree with the other comments regarding the Pitt/Aniston issue. Brad was very vocal about wanting to have a family. Jennifer was never, ever vocal about wanting to having kids. Why? Because she was absolutely driven by her career. There was a time with the end of Friends approaching that I thought she and Brad would finally start having kids. Perfect timing, right? But then she lined up movies back to back. Actions speak louder than words. Brad didn't force her to take those roles. I think that's when Brad's patience ran out, and I don't blame him. It was clear that all Jennifer cared about was making the jump from tv to film. As for recent comments about her truly wanting to have kids all this time -- I don't buy them. (Again, actions speak louder than words: she had her chance to have kids with Brad after Friends ended - she chose to sign up for more films. If she wanted to have kids with Brad, then at her age why would she wait longer - and make it harder on herself?) It was never a priority for her before, it's not one now, but she'd never admit it when she knows a large chunk of her fans would revolt.


Why should it matter if Jen wants kids? No one should have to have kids if they don't want them. It's sad that her marriage broke up over the issue because both sides wanted something different, but to villainize her over something that she would have to devote her entire life to, when she really may not want to, is silly. I'm not having children. My fiance doesn't want children, and I'm lucky that we've found each other and that we agree on that issue. I hope Jen can find someone who can share that very important view as well.


I agree with Becca. What kind of era do we live in that a woman is crucified for wanting to focus on her career? Nobody should have children without wanting to or not having the means to. There are a lot of people out there who should've never been parents.

If she doesn't want kids, she doesn't have to have kids. If she says she does, but deep down doesn't want to, she'll come to terms with it eventually. She has a good head on her shoulders.


I think the larger issue is that Brad obviously cheated on Jennifer while she loved him dearly.

Starting a family so quickly just twisted the knife.

Don't you think?

As for Tori & Dean, Tori didn't have the decency to even tell her husband she was leaving - he found out in the media! And Dean left his wife and pulled out of the year long adoption process at the very end when they had just received their newborn daughter. THAT is why he is not named father.

But, I'm just a sensationalizing non-fan. ;)


All or most of these situations are sad in their own right, however, the coldest by far is the treatment that so-called "hero" Tom Brady has doled out to his long-term ex-GF during her pregnancy with his child. He has not only "moved on" with a model, he has done it as openly and flagrently as possible. It's almost as if he is purposely rubbing salt in Moynahan's wounds. It would truly appear that Brady has ice water running through his veins. I find this both insulting as a woman and sad.


Tori & Dean are sleazes's to be sure. The reason the youngest child of his ex "not being his" is because they were in the midst of adopting together when he started cheating with Tori. They stink.

By far, I feel sorriest for Bridget Moynahan. It's bad enough to be dumped, but to have it happen when you are expecting is the pits. And the way Tom Brady flounts his new relationship in Bridget's face is truly uncalled for and cold-hearted on his part. Gisele is so low-class one wouldn't expect any better of her anyway. Bridget Moynahan had shown grace and class in the face of true adversity. I wish her nothing but the best!


Breakup? In Bridget Moynahan's case it's more like abandoment as pertains to the spineless Tom Brady. He knew of the pregnancy in time, yet he went ahead an entered the relationship with the ever-slutty Gisele. The "man" has the morals of an alley cat. Right along with the rest of the men mentioned in this post.


Tom Brady is a spineless, insensitive, lusty jerk who shows not one ounce of support for Bridget and his own baby. Gisele is just as bad. She went after Tom knowing Bridget was pregnant and kept reassuring him that it didn't bother her. She was on her own since 14 years old - in the fashion industry - is she mother and wife material??? You can tell she hasn't even grown up yet. Just because you have money doesn't make any behavior okay. Both Gisele and Tom have no moral character whatsoever. The loser will eventually be Tom. He will miss out on his son's first words (definitely not "daddy"), his son's first tooth, first step, first smile, first hug, etc. etc. All to be able to have a fling with Gisele Bundchen. I think she is holding on for dear life to Tom because she is so upset that Leo Dicaprio has a new fiance. I'm sure if Leo called her up she would dump Tom in a heartbeat and run back to him. That's what Tom needs, to be dumped on his *ss!! But, the good thing is the success stories here. Heidi Klum has a wonderful husband and father, so does Liz Hurley. Tom will be just like the deadbeat dad's to these children. It shows something terribly wrong in their character and soul and they eventually will be the one's who suffer.


Wow...quite a few close, personal friends of the stars posting on here. Get a life, anyone?


why isn't Shar Jackson on the list? her story has been in the tabloids for the longest time!

and does anyone else feel like she still has a thing for her no-talent ex-boyfriend? i feel like she blames britney more than she does kevin for the fact that he left her while she was pregnant. i mean she said on the Keith Ablow Show that asking kev for a divorce through a text msg was completely wrong. and last week on E! News [or Daily 10?] that they will always be friends and sh!t. she's always defending him. what's that about?

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