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Hot or Not? Blondes and Brunettes

Lucylawless2Lucy Lawless (Xena) as a blonde: Hot or not?

More hot or nots after the jump...


Avril as a blonde: Hot or not?


Jessica Simpson as a brunette: Hot or not?



Cameron Diaz as a brunette: Hot or not?








Lindsay as a brunette: Hot or not?


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The Muse

I liked Lucy - she kinda has a Tea Leoni look to her as a blonde. Avril? She's just "meh" in general. Jessica's hair and skin are too matchy-matchy. Cameron's skin needs too much makeup as a brunnette (never a good sign), and Lindsay looks best as a redhead.


Love all the newest hair colors... except Cameron and Lucy always have such dumb looks on thier faces that they can't be really hot.


I'm going to have to say not to all, except maybe Jessica Simpson, but I can't really judge that until she's completed a 12-step program for self tanner

Cindy B

I thought Lucy Lawless was Tea Leoni, too ... looks just like her. I do like the blonde hair thought. As for the rest:

Avril -- don't care. she's obnoxious.
Jessica -- brunette
Cameron -- brunette (minus the hair in the eyes ... looks messy, not sexy)
Lindsay -- brunette

Cindy B

Crap. Typo. Make that "though", not "thought".


I think Lucy lawless looks AWESOME as a blonde.

Avril, however, looks HORRID as a blonde. Her natural hair was the best.

Jessica looks best with light brown hair, not too dark, though.

Cameron looks scary as a brunette.

And Lindsay looks good as a brunette or redhead but NEVER as a blonde.


Didn't I just hear that Cameron went back to blonde?

I think lucy looks great as a blonde.

The rest of them are obnoxious.


Avril--meh, don't think it makes a difference
Jessica--I actually like the brunette...
Cameron--Brunette, definitely
Lindsay--Redhead. Why oh why won't she go back?


Gotta go with Cindy B on this one. I think Lucy Lawless might be a natural blonde, or I could be making that up.


Blonde works on Lucy Lawless. Too bad she's a cylon. (Don't judge the geekiness)

Amy Beth

Lucy looks awesome. At first I thought she was that hot blond chick from Heros. She looks just like her in that photo.


Cameron Diaz always looks like she could really use a shower. I can't tell you anything about her hair color until she cleans up a little.


Weell, Lucy actually IS a blonde, but personally, I prefer her with the black hair. It really made her blue eyes stand out.

Lindsay Lohan looks best with neither blonde nor brown, but red. The ginger hair was best on her.

Cameron would look good brunette if the brown was just a tad lighter.

Have no opinion on Avril and Jessica. Avril looks pretty no matter what and Jessica...wishes she did.


^ To whomever said Lucy Lawless is a natural blonde is right.

Lindsay - Red or Black. Hell no to blonde.

Lucy - Blonde is okay, and so is black, but
theres a happy medium where she looks absolutely the best: light brown.

Avril - Brown. Blonde looks terrible.

Cameron - So much better with black. She looked average and homely with blonde.


I like Jessica betta wit brown hair yeah! And Cameron Diaz! I prefer the Blonde on Avril. Lucy, i don't ave a clue who SHE is. Lol. Lucy who? And who else? Lindsay Lohan, i think she looks gud wit black hair.

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