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Luke Perry Wha...????

It is hard for me to admit this, but I once sobbed uncontrollably at a mall because Luke Perry was ten feet from me giving an interview.

Not. Even. Joking.

Here he is fifteen-ish years later at Jay-Z's party at Tao Grand Beach in Las Vegas. And, well, Dad? Is that you?


Pics of Dylan McKay after the jump and come to think of it, he sort of looked 45 back then too...



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Looking at all the teen starlets we have nowadays, I can totally appreciate how healthy and normal the 90210 girls looked.


Tere: You are so right.

That perserverence poster is brilliant.


I was going to say how shocked I was at the size of his forehead and hairline but now I can see that there hasn't been much change since his days at Beverly Hills High. He's mostly just very line-y these days.


see, I still kind of like him, have to say. Hair needs some serious attention, but I like a few wrinkles. And at least he doesn't look like Mary Tyler Moore.


Do you remember him on Oz (HBO)? He was awesome. His voice has aged super-well and obviously he's gained half a modicum of taste in the intervening years.

The Muse

He is the poster-boy for Botox. But hey, I still think he's cute with the wrinkles.


I kind of like that he's aging like the rest of us. Heck, if you look closely you can see he's had those wrinkles a LONG time. I prefer 'em a bit more distinguished anyway. ;)


I think he should embrace the old and start trying to look like Harrison Ford...


Call me crazy. He's cuter now. Yummo!

Lisa M

Wow, I didn't see that coming but I must add that it seems he's just aging like normal people and not going for all the plastics, i.e. Tori Spelling. Reality rocks!


He's still cute. But he's totally a poster child for sunscreen.


Um..Ya'll that is not normal aging for an almost 41 yr old male. There's nothing wrong with aging gracefully, but maybe someone needs to eat healthy and put some sunscreen on. Just sayin'....

Cindy B

If the hair wasn't all effed up, I don't think he'd look so bad. It just accents those wrinkles in his forehead (which I'm getting, too, by the way).

I agree with Tere!! Look at healthy and normal our 90210 girls looked then? Too bad my daughter doesn't have girls like that to watch on TV. Pity.


He's one I will ALWAYS drool over.

And what a great point about the 90210 girls. I never thought of that. Not that I need yet another reason to adore 90210.

Which makes me hate SoapNet all over again for effing up the schedule. bastards.


Firstly, I know I'm commenting very, very late. But I've been busy - ok?

Secondly. Luke Perry will be 42 this year, and he was 25 at the START of 90210

Actually the definition of teen was stretched a bit on that show. Here are some of the other youngsters and their ages in 1990 (start of the show)

Ian Ziering = 26
Jason Priestley = 21
Gabrielle Carteris = 29!

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