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The Grey's Spin-off


Well, people, last Thursday we finally got to see just what the Grey's Anatomy spin-off will be like, and I for one am still in need of some convincing.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the show. Here's what I thought, in handy bulleted form:

  • In her new environment, Addison oddly became more endearing in some respects (her desire to have a baby, her despair over her infertility, her overall "loosening up" in LA) and less so in others (her becoming a yammering, silly, idiot-woman in the elevator during her first scene with Tim Daly---"elevators make people horny," WTF?---and her overly dramatic scolding of Nina from Everwood with that whole very confusing storyline involving three dads, a surrogate, and Niznik---whom I almost didn't recognize with those lowlights, btw). I like Addison cooler and more collected. If she's going to become a loose cannon in LA, then no thanks. In fact, Matt Roush on TVguide.com said it best:

Grey’s sometimes gets knocked for its Ally McBeal tendencies, but this place [LA wellness center] is infected by Ally-itis, with cringingly cutesy flourishes of forced whimsy at every turn... upon arrival, Addison launched into a silly stream of infantile babbling like an overripe Ally. Around the third or fourth time the elevator talked back to Addison, I found myself wondering where the unisex bathroom was.

  • I can't put my finger on it, but there is just something I don't like about Amy Brenneman. I don't know what it is about her, but as a viewer, she just doesn't make me care about her characters at all. She's obviously a Hollywood success and in demand as an actress, but I don't get it...
  • Chris Lowell as a sex object for older women? REALLY? I mean, I get his allure on Veronica Mars; as the character Piz, he is self-deprecating and charming and vulnerable and so totally perfect for Veronica. He's got that shaggy haircut and that quick wit, and he's clearly been modeled on the character of Seth Cohen from The OC, but those are not qualities he brings to his character of Dell on the Grey's spin-off. In fact, it didn't really seem like Dell had much personality at all. The writers have so far made him merely eye candy, and while I will give him props for his bounce-a-quarter-off-'em abs,

Chrislowellshirtless I still did not believe that in a city like LA, where all kinds of gorgeous people live, HE's lusted over by women old enough to be his mom. Did.not.compute.

  • Maybe it's because the interns on Grey's are kinda "in the trenches" together or whatever as newbies to Seattle Grace, but they have had an easy way with each other from the pilot on. They have always connected in such a way that they have been able to use conversational shorthand like old friends since the beginning, and nothing has ever seemed terribly stilted between them in their interactions. Don't you agree? But this effortless chemistry? Not present in the spin-off, in my opinion. And that, even more than the presence of Brenneman and Niznik (someone who could totally join Pale Force, btw), made watching the LA stuff on Thursday night more difficult for me. The LA ensemble is missing the spark that made (and continues to make) the Seattle group so much fun to watch.

Overall, I'm not enthusiastic about this show at all, no matter how much I enjoy looking at Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs.

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the Ally McBealism of it is so right on target! There was something that bugged me about this show & I think that is it! I love Addison on GRey's and have always thought that she was the most attractive & interesting female on the show (Meredith - bleh) but in LA she was batting her false eyelashes so much it was annoying me! I love Addison & Callie together on Grey's - now that is a spinoff I would watch!


Did anyone else notice and get EXTREMELY irritated with Addison/Kate Walsh's pouty/pursed/fish-lips? They were out - the WHOLE TIME. Like Renee Zellwegger, but worse!!!!!


Whoops, got a little carried away..other than my snark, the show really left me wondering why I just watched it. I enjoy Grey's, so I felt like I had to be loyal to the spin-off, but I'm just not sure where it's going. I agree, I'm just not enthusiastic.


I love some Kate Walsh, don't get me wrong. But, she was acting with her eyebrows and lips the ENTIRE episode. That was not Addison, I don't care how much the creator of Grey's try to convince me otherwise.

I'll pass. I loved Ally McBeal, but we don't need to do it all over again.


Agh! Exactly!! Exactly! Addy needs to hang a u-turn and head right back to Seattle where she belongs!!


JSauce: yes! That fished-lipped, Renee Zellwegg-ish thing was KILLING me!!!! ARGH!!! Awful! And so NOT sexy or appealing!!

Also, maybe it's because I'm off sugar or something, but Amy Brenneman looks like the female version of Peter MacNicol to me. I swear, they look identical.


I'm glad I'm not the only one--those dang fish/pouty lips could have their own zip code, even their own SAG card for cripes sake! Addison's lips and her overall behavior pretty much caused me to channel flip far, far away.


My take on the whole Addison acting like a giddy little girl was the fact that she was on vacation. She went down to chill with her old med school friend with whom I am sure they spent many nights acting like school girls. Um, hi especially since Taye Diggs was in their class! *drool*

I would expect her to act a bit cooler in Seattle as she felt so out of place. She was there for a husband that didn't want to be with her anymore (for good reason). Plus the other women, besides Callie had a reason to not befriend her.

It's time for Addison to find love. She's had turmoil in her life so maybe it's time for her to have fun. I think I'll watch. Sorry for getting so deep. I am serious about my Grey's. :)


Hated. It.

I usually live for Thursday night Grey's episodes and I was super excited to see that this week was a two hour deal, but it was just tedious. I found myself pausing, doing other things, coming back wondering if it was worth it, pausing again...etc, etc. I was halfway tempted to fast forward through all of the California stuff.

I guess I've had a love/hate relationship with Addison the whole time (I'm a Meredith girl to the core.) so I just don't care about her in another setting.


Also hated it. The comments on Grey Matter were not good. I hope they're listening.


Third on hated it. Just gimme my Greys and leave me be.

Steph T

mmm...Taye Diggs every week...I'll be tuning in!


From what I've read I may be seriously in the minority, but I liked it. Maybe even more than I like where Grey's is currently going.

Although really I didn't buy drooling over surfer boy, but otherwise I liked that story better than the Grey's story for that night.


Didn't necessarily HATE it, but it doesn't distinguish itself enough from a handful of other shows to compel me to TiVo one more thing. I'll miss her on Grey's and don't think I'll watch ???(what is it going to be called??) And the pucker-lips hit me early on and did not go away.


I too was annoyed by the whole show. It felt like I was being held hostage and forced to sit through a show I didn't like. Do we really need another show where nobody is married, in love or has any hopes of having a healthy work/home relationship? I pretty much love all of the actors on this show, but together--not so much. Also, if this whole show is going to be about how Addison wants a baby, I am OUT.


I'm not convinced either. I don't know that just having Addison on the show is enough for me to watch.

The characters in LA are the same characters from Grey's. Tim Daly - Alex. Cooper - George. Taye Diggs - McDreamy. It's the same show with different people and in LA.

The Ally McBeal comment was dead on. I hope it gets a lot better, or it won't be on for long.

I think the Grey's people need to pu more effort into Grey's instead. Since it's really starting to drop off this year.


HATE HATE HATE IT! Addison was sure of herself and spunky at Seattle Grace, then goes to LA to become a weepy, emotional stereotypical woman who wants a baby. Flat show, flat dialog, flat characters, YUCK.
The WORST part was that they intertwined it with the regular Grey's show. I couldn't get emotionally into the plot and couldn't feel with Meredith with her Dad and stepmother. They ruined the show last Thursday. Awful!



Is what I said last Thursday night. First to take Addison off the show is stupid. Second, the spin-off with-in the show was stupid (with the oversaturated vs. undersaturated colors in the beginning---stupid). And furthermore, I don't like where Grey's is going and I thought the spin-off was too unrealistic and hokey.

we'll see what happens. My Thursday nights may be getting a little more open if this keeps up.

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