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The Riches Recap

3888763_3 Well, heck. I thought Dale leaving his father out to freeze to death was upsetting. The Riches just keeps surprising me with how many messed up events they can cram into one season...

I feel for Dahlia. I really do. She's stressed and scared and almost insane from the family's situation. She needs a friend. But her old cell mate? Honey, that just has disaster written all over it.

Foreboding aside, I really like Chunky Kay's character. I don't know if anyone remembers how that actress got her first big break, but she sent in a video challenge to Rosie O'Donnell back when she had her own talk show. This was in, like, 1997. Davenia McFadden challenged Rosie to a Mary Tyler Moore trivia contest with the taunt, "Bring it on. Bring it on." She hasn't had many big roles, but she's really a pretty great actress. Chunky Kay was sweet and sad and had a big heart. Dahlia's description of how Kay saved her life was heartwrenching. But it was chilling to see just how mean she could be after she was made a fool of by Hugh and the other dinner guests. When Dahlia asked her why gave Hugh coke after he's been sober all of these years, Kay replied, "Because he deserved it. He's a son of a bitch." Then she does the same thing to Dahlia at the end after Dahlia tells her that she can't stay with them. Offering drugs to a recovering addict because you know how much that want will kill them inside...that's harsh.

Hugh is so gross. I believe it was Bill Cosby who said that cocaine simply amplifies a person's personality. So if you're an asshole, you're an even bigger asshole on coke. Case in point: Hugh. Why didn't the neighbor just punch him in the face? He has nothing to lose. And apparently, according to the wife, Alpaca conventions are also tea rooms. Who knew?

Sam, the youngest son...he's wonderful. He is really forcing Wayne and Dahlia and the other kids to look at what they are doing to each other in the name of wealth. He painted that mural on the wall so that they have to look at the truth of their story. He arrived at the dinner party dressed as a girl. He seemed fully prepared to state who he was, but the family rushed to cover it up. He didn't look hurt, but maybe a tad disappointed. The scene where he is getting dressed and puts a single barrette in his hair? Stunning.

I'm really not sure where they're going to go with this show. It doesn't seem like the storyline has any longevity and judging by the way things seem to be moving fairly rapidly, perhaps the writers aren't anticipating the show lasting beyond one season. It seems like an odd duck for network TV and like it might not have a very wide appeal. It's very good, though. I'm still very impressed with the whole thing.

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The Muse

I *hate* that by the time I get home from dance class (9:45-10ish), I get all excited to watch this show and end up falling asleep before the crucial last 15 minutes.
Thank goodness for these recaps.


So glad you are doing these recaps...I would have been lost last week without it. Next week's preview looks interesting. I'm assuming the mother has alzheimer's or something for Dahlia to speak to her without her recognizing that it's not Sherene (sp?).


It's funny how they keep forgetting they are supposed to be Jewish. Explaining the pork dinner "we belong to a special branch a Judaism, we eat pork to make up for the one's that don't" cracked me up.
I hadn't thought about how fast the season is moving; you're right, it appears things will "crash and burn" pretty rapidly, especially if Hugh returns to his drug addiction with force.

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