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Britney Spears Is So Classy...

If you're a celebrity and you KNOW that the paparazzi are going to take pictures of you and you are wearing a dress and you want to get into the back seat, what DON'T you do? Yeah, that's correct. You DON'T climb over the seat and flash your ass cheeks to the public.  She's so far gone I just don't know what to say anymore...


Continue reading for more pictures of Britney's behind and her near nip slips in the same green dress.


Celebutopiabritneyspearsoutandabout Celebutopiabritneyspearsoutandabo_2


My mission in life is to BURN that ugly ass gold purse.

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You have to give her credit for the underwear though.


I was going to say, at least she's wearing panties this time.


Those yellow boots - especially with that outfit - are hideous. As a certified boot lover and collector, I'm offended.


Does it make anyone else sad that the best we can say for Britney is that she's wearing underwear when she goes out? (And only the bottoms, I must point out.)

Is this where we've gone?


Has she looked GOOD at all in the past six months? I swear - the last time I heard anyone come close to complimenting her was when she went on Letterman. But then again, I'm not supposed to be messing with the Evil Celeb Gossip.


girlfriend definitly has implants - my boobs aren't that perky after ONE kid. She's had two and "the girls" are still perky. Poor girl really needs better people around to keep her together.


Funny, Jessica - I was thinking the same thing.


Maybe this is a new trend she's trying to start. I mean she was the pioneer of the vajayjay flashings.


Britney's image people and handlers, over the past 4-ish years (if not more), have proven themselves utterly incompetent. Any sane handler of hers would have gently explained that she is only allowed to wear pants in public for the next year.

I'm completely serious.


THAT'S Perky???



Where are her children? She really needs to just stay home for a while.

Realistic T

Oh please, you're all a bunch of jealous girlies.... Ok, so you want Britney to be millionaire Britney to be "regular" like you? Everyone's in a big outrage because she's flashed her "vajajay?" Big deal!! nudie magazines are nothing new. She has all of you souped up!! Can't you tell when someone is intentionally pushing the limit? Take a look in the mirror, remember when you were 20ish, then imagine what kind of a wild time you would have had if you had infinite amounts of money to party with.

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