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Coming Soon: Oprah Lunchboxes and Oprah Beach Towels

Oprah_mugFrom the OMG, What Next? files comes news that Oprah Winfrey is opening a store in Chicago.  The most interesting part of this announcement is that it includes absolutely no information -- none! -- about what exactly the store will be selling.

Books from Oprah's book club?  Doubtful.  Plus size clothing?  Hmmmm....that might be cool.

My best guess is that the store will carry licensed Oprah merchandise -- coffee mugs, coasters, t-shirts, baseball caps, Christmas tree ornaments -- all with Oprah's image on them.  After all, O Magazine has a picture of Oprah on the cover every damn month.  So why not put her face on other things, too?

Seriously, I think people would line up around the block to buy the stuff.

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The only way I could ever be okay with this would be if the words, "All proceeds from this store go to charity" appeared above the register.

Could this woman possibly sell off one more piece of her soul?


She could sell all her "favorite things". She fancies herself such a do-gooder (OK, let's face it - she IS such a do-gooder) that the profits may well go to her charities.

Suzy Q

I saw a blurb somewhere that said along with the (what else?) African-inspired stuff, she would also be selling "spirituality-infused clothing." Whatever the fuck that means.

That is just taking New Age pseudocrap marketing TOO FAR.


I'm putting my money on the Oprah action figure collection!

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