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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Expecting?


Oh, the interweb is abuzz with rumors that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting a new little 'Fleck!

Jennifer, who just turned 35, was reportedly seen leaving a doctor's office yesterday sporting a clearly visible baby bump. Also, someone else's shirt.

The couple are said to be "thrilled" with the news.

Jennifer is obviously a very involved mom to 16-month-old Violet - I mean do they live in a tree at the park? I swear! - and I cannot wait to see the next set of dimples she produces.

More of the story and pics of the undeniable baby bump after the jump!






A source told New Weekly magazine,

"She was very happy and glowing. She touched her stomach for a moment. She looked pregnant."  A second source said, "They were hoping to have another baby fairly soon so that Violet would have a sibling to grow up with. She's an affectionate, happy child. Jen thinks she'll love being a big sister."

Jennifer recently admitted she was "intoxicated with love" for her daughter and has often said she would like more children.

Even though the couple have yet to make an official announcement, these recent photos are pretty self-explanatory. I'm going to have to officially diagnose Jen with "knocked-up-edness". And I'm an expert because I received my degree in Guessology from the University of Know-It-All. So, it's official.


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Awww. I like them. They should have more babies! I used to hate Ben when he was with JLo, but he and Jennifer just work well together. And Violet is darn cute!


Wow. I hope she is, otherwise a whole bunch of people just called her fat, basically.


If they make them that well, it's a sin not to make more.


You know what I love?

How Jenn is always smiling at the hoards of paparazzi when Violet is with her. You know she wants to punch them in the teeth, but she's a good mommy and she pretends its fine because she wants her baby to feel comfortable.

Heart her.

Steph T

If she's not pregnant, she's wearing maternity pants!


Those pants taper unflatteringly around the ankle. Please let her never wear them again.


What you said, Lena!

She's always kissing on Violet. So sweet.

I just love them as a family.


How cute would a baby Ben be?!?! Please have another!


As much as I would LOVE to see another little Affleck running around (this time a Mini Ben), I don't think she's pregnant. Recently, she said that she'll wait at least through the end of this year before having another one. I just think it's an unflattering outfit (although, what does it say about me that I, myself, have pants like that??). Hmmm.

Miss W

Um...those don't look like maternity pants to me. It looks like she's wearing low rise pants with a short cami (or one that's just ridden up) beneath the bigger shirt. As for the "bump"...maybe. Though in some pictures of me holding my 19 month old, it appears that my completely NON pregnant belly has a bump -- it's the posture of holding at 20+ pound wiggling person against you.

That said, she could be pregnant, but if so...not so much "showing"


Actually, I've noticed from some pictures at Jen-Garner.net from the Kingdom (she's not holding a baby in those pictures) she once again appears to be pregnant.
Stomach, breasts, and all!

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