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MamaPop Recommends: Tracey's Picks For June

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440222680_c467726c03_mRecommended Book:
Patrick Hughes, Diary of Indignities. Full disclosure: Patrick is a friend, and I'm a long-time fan of his blog Bad News Hughes. But holy freakin' crap, that doesn't in any way lessen the greatness of his hilarious collection of tales from a life gone horribly wrong:

Diary of Indignities first foisted itself on an unsuspecting public on the popular blog Bad News Hughes, where thousands of readers are disgusted, amused, and just plain baffled every day by these vivid, seriocomic stories of soul-melting shame. Patrick Hughes doesn’t understand exactly where, or when, things went wrong in what should have been a “normal life,” but he’s more than happy — make that driven — to share his personal calamities with his readers. Inexplicably, he has an uncanny talent for personal failure, with more than the average share of embarrassment, heartbreak, carefree violence, booze-related trouble, bodily injury, hypochondria, inappropriate nudity, painful rashes, neuroses, colonoscopy procedures, and unpleasant smells — all totally true. In Diary of Indignities, complete with humiliating full-color photo essays, the author guides readers past good taste, sense, and even logic into that magical, mayhem-ridden world known as his life.

This is pee-your-pantaloons funny stuff, people. And did I mention he thanked lil' ol' me in the book's acknowledgments, and that when I saw he had I almost actually cried, because I felt so freakin' unworthy considering the joy he's given to me over the years through his writing? True, dat.

Go. Buy. Now. And if you aren't a regular reader of Bad News Hughes, man, you are truly missin' out somethin' fierce.

Recommended Song:
Fiest, "The Park" -- See video here. So sweet and lovely, like a warm summer evening on the back porch (and ANY back porch will do), sipping mint julips. Ahhh...

Recommended Television Program:
Anything and everything HBO. I'm basically an addict at this point. Between Big Love, Entourage, and Flight Of The Conchords alone, I could almost do away with network television. I said ALMOST. I mean, I do of course need my RDA of ridiculous (but delicious!) reality TV junk food... but you know what I mean. (Hey, HBO! New tagline for ya: "HBO: Eat Your Televisual Vegetables!")

Recommended Movie:
The Danielson Famile Movie. Which of course I've gone on and on about here, and so won't repeat myself, but I just can't recommend it highly enough.

Recommended Other Random Thing: 
The Nintendo Wii. Yes, our family has been Wii-ed. And we are better, stronger, and faster for it! Honestly, its everything you've heard and more. Just ridiculously fun. I've never enjoyed bowling so much in my life (or umm, AT ALL, until now). If you can find it somewhere -- anywhere -- buy it.

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must. buy. now!!! Bad News Hughes--one of my all time favorites, and Patrick can seriously write.


Love the Wii...I have a friend with a "health coach" through her insurance (seriously a friend...not the Jan Brady type of friend!) and her coach said that playing tennis on the Wii counted as physical activity.

Whoo hoo!!!

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