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MamaPop Recommends: Izzy's Picks for June

Hey you! Be sure to submit your own recommendations over at MamaPopTalk!

440222680_c467726c03_mRecommended Book:
Dedication by Emma Mclaughlin and Nicola Kraus. This book was written by the same team that wrote The Nanny Diaries, but I actually think Dedication is much better. Before I tell you anymore about it, just in case you love OR hate the genre, let me just clarify that it is pretty much "chick lit" .

Before I had kids, I read heavier, headier stuff but these days, I'm partial to what you might call a "beach book." I read during nap times and in the tub and my downtime is so limited that I don't want to think — I want to be transported and/or entertained and Dedication fills the bill.

In short, it's about a woman whose first love from high school grows up to be a rock star. The clincher is that when she was 17, he left without saying goodbye and found fame by writing songs about her and their relationship. Furious and haunted by the mystery of his leaving for 13 years, she finds out he's come to her old hometown and she flies there to confront him about his leaving and using their relationship for hit song fodder.

I won't tell you anymore but the device the authors use of going back and forth from the protagonist's junior high and high school years to present day is awesome. It satisfies my bizarre fixation with teen angst and also allows me to relate to the character as an adult. I read this book every spare moment that I had and when it was over, I was kind of bummed. I get attached to characters in books. I'm nerdy like that.

Recommended TV Show:
I don't know how many times they're going to air it but I recorded all six episodes of "The Starter Wife" on USA and I'm really enjoying it. I read the book but I think I like the mini-series better. It's light and funny and much better than any of those lame woman-in-peril movies on Lifetime. I've also been watching DVD's of Weeds (from Showtime) but that probably doesn't count as TV. Nonetheless, Weeds rocks.

Recommended Random Thing:
Dude. Rose's Mojito mix. I have made them from scratch but I'm telling you, this mix is actually better than any I've ever made and it's about a thousand times easier. Just add club soda and ice or if you're one of those people that is really into presentation, you can also add some mint leaves and a slice of lime and make it look all authentic. Either way, this stuff is SO TASTY!

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Izzy! Nanny Diaries is only my most favorite book, so yay!


Izzy! I thought I was the only one watching StarterWife. I really liked it and am bummed to realize that it's a miniseries, not the start of a series. Just finished the finale today on TiVO.

OH, and I totally, ashamedly, have the addition with teen angst, too! I'm 41 and my husband always scolds me for watching "Dawsons Creek" kinda stuff, still. Possible I don't like the way that phase of my life played out, so I like to relive it through fiction? I am picking up Dedication this weekend. Thanks for the recommend.


AmyC65 - Sometimes I watch DC on reruns but I never have any idea what's happening. Did you love My So Called Life as much as I did? I can watch those episodes over and over and over. I hope you enjoy Dedication!

Lena - I swear I thought I heard they were making a movie of The Nanny Diaries a while back. Did you hear that?


I luhhhhved My So-Called Life! I never watched it that year it was on ABC, but when it was on MTV, I watched every. single. episode. And taped them all, since that was before the TV-on-DVD days.

AmyC, you're totally right - watching these shows (starting with 90210) is a way to compensate for a lousy middle school/high school existence for me. Now that the OC is done, I don't know where to go for my "oh, so *this* is what high school is supposed to be" fix. Any suggestions?


Ooh...another book suggestion, that this reminds me of. Have you read Otherwise Engaged? It's about two childhood friends who each took the other one's path (the one who was supposed to get married right away ended up in New York, and the one who was going for stardom stayed in the hometown and got married). In their thirties, they swap places for six months, and get a hint of what their life would have been if they had taken the other path. LOVED it.


Izzy - Yeah, with Scarlett Johannsen, right? Did it come and go already?


Lena - It may have. I miss a LOT of movies because I apparently prefer waiting two years for them to come to On-Demand so I can fall asleep while trying to watch them.

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