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Monday Morning Muppets

UNRELATED TANRUMMY ASIDE: YouTube is bordering on Dead To Me, people. The crackdown on copyrighted material continues, with freaking MUPPET videos getting yanked, and now guywiththeglasses, creator of the insanely awesome Movies in 5 Seconds, had his account suspended. Because his (satire! parody!) 5-second-long videos contained up to 5 whole seconds of copyrighted footage and were of course a clear and present danger to the future profitability of James Cameron's Titanic. Eff that.

So even though fourteen million copies of this video remain at YouTube, I'm linking to the MetaCafe version. And then I'm going to eat some bacon.

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YAY!!!!!!!!! LOVE that song! And that video! Hee! Oh man. Whoo. That just made my day 1 million% better. Thank you thank you THANK YOU Amalah!!!!!


WOOHOO!!! I LOVE THAT SONG! My best friend at my last job & I would sing it when we got stressed out during the day and start giggling.

thanks Amalah!!


With Swedish subtitles! Yay!

Steph T

LOVE IT! I haven't laughed so much in days!

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