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Officially Turning In My Hipster Card

Like Justin Timberlake before them, Maroon 5 has finally managed to crack my steely reserve and resistance to their Top 40 schoolgirl-squeal-producing feel-good pop. I surrender. UNCLE.

I mean, c'mon -- who among us can deny THAT? I'm a super woman, but I'm not freakin' SUPERWOMAN, people.

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Is it just me or does he look just like Christian Bale from certain angles?

Blue Moon Girl

Yay! I love me some Maroon 5! I have loved them ever since their first CD, Songs About Jane. I am so happy that they finally released another CD. They're kinda cute in a dorky sort of way! :)


I heart Adam Levine and Maroon 5! I've been listening to this new CD in the car since it came out.

And it may also be my phone's ringtone.

Because I'm that big of a Maroon 5 nerd.


Yeah I like their new cd too! I don't think it's as uuber creative as they're making it out to be but it's still really good.


I love Adam Levine. I want to have his children - just please don't tell my husband.

I also might have a M5 ringtone. :)


Thanks so much for that ear worm. Not only was I singing it from listening to it here, I heard it played twice on the radio as well! Oh well, I can think of worse ear worms (my humps I'm looking at you!).


I think he looks like Christian Bale too! I LOVE Adam Levine

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