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Paris Hilton Freed!

Paris Hilton is now a free woman! Although I have a feeling she was pretty cheap before. (I kid!)


Paris was freed from Lynwood jail at 4:00 am this morning after serving half of her 45 day sentence. She appeared ebullient as she smiled for the cameras before getting in the car with her parents.

To show her appreciation to TMZ for "accurately reporting the facts", Paris had her attorney slip a self-portrait Paris sketched along with a thank you note to Harvey Levin before she was released this morning.

Now, in case you think she looks like a 6 year old in the above photo, just wait to see her letter. Just. Wait.

The letter after the jump...


Where is Mamapop's letter??? Huh?


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Speechless. I am rendered speechless by the hearts that dot all the i's. Speechless...


What was it she said recently? "I used to act dumb but that's not cute anymore?" You know what ELSE isn't cute? 26 year old women who dot their i's with hearts and draw twee little self portraits. Where's the unicorn? And the little half-circle sun peeking from the corner?


Amy H.

At least she spelled *most* of the words right. But the eyes she drew? Totally not a good representation of her actual squinty eyes. C'mon...



Ack! Misplaced apostrophe! Ack!


Okay, aside from the letter (which is penned in the handwriting of a 13 year old) after watching her haughty exit from the jail this morning I have to say -- I don't think she learned a damn thing.


She looks like she's laughing in the photo. I think the joke may be on us, people. *Sigh* By the way, she is MY AGE. I'm kinda ashamed (but at least I'm turning 27 next month!) It looks like she actually used a ruler to make those straight lines- she was allowed a hard straight sharp object? Oh blah. I can't think. Anyway, that supposed "act" of trying to be cute and dumb...doesn't seem to be an act. *Siiiigh* I wish she were kept in longer- at least we could have seen more drawings, right?


Awww. With penmanship like that she is sure to graduate the first grade!


Nice handwriting... What is she? Twelve?


Hahahaha...I'm using your joke every single chance I get!!!! "Hey, You! did you hear paris hilton is free!??" ahhahaha...

She didn't really draw that picture, did she? Really? Oh my.


I have to admit, I often get "handwriting envy". See, I'm an elementary teacher; my handwriting is decent for an adult (when I *really* concentrate) but I'm surrounded by all these people with fabulous penmanship. Some of them just have the perfectly formed letters, while others have a certain "funky spin" on letters that makes their handwriting interesting to look at as well as easy to read.

At first, I had handwriting envy for PH...the cool a, the capital r...total envy. Then I noticed that not only is she incapable of writing in a straight line, but she dotted the i's with hearts. WTF????? Suddenly, envy gone.

Suzy Q

The "it's" made me cringe, too. Along with the hearts, which at first I thought might be checkmarks. But no. Checkmarks would be too much to ask.


*don't use hearts
*shoots self*


In regards to the handwriting envy...the cool "a" is inconsistent. Haven't most people quit playing around with how to write by the time they reach her age? Did TMZ actually report the facts or is this all tongue-in-cheek? Just wondering, 'cuz I don't know.


if only paris were actually as pretty as the picture she drew of herself...


Did she use her Hello Kitty pencil to draw that? sheessh... Actually I don't think she did that whole thing herself. It's too good yet too awful.


Well, and the pay phone looks, ummm...well...rude? Or is it just me?

Deni D.

Actually, they look like little flying birds or "V"s over all her "i"s...does this mean she can't even draw a heart shape? I like how she attempted the apply perspective by the use of the diagonal lines for the corridor, but the scale (especially that of the phone) is just wrong...so wrong!

She needs to try one of those "Draw Lucky the Squirrel" things off a matchbook cover and enroll in that remedial correspondence art school!

Lisa M

Wow, I cannot imagine drawing and writing something like that at her age. Is she still 13?

Milton Moore

Her handwriting is what I call the 'typical teenage writing,' (i.e., immature) complete with the heart i-dots in her signature (used in a letter from jail) with its grossly elaborated capital P and H, indicating her great need for attention. She is very much into 'the here and now.' She works very hard to write a nice, legible printed script similar to the school copy -- a desire to communicate her message. There's not a lot of energy and drive. It's a rather passive script, so I wouldn't expect her to take the initiative in many areas. I imagine that she depends on others to a great degree. This immature, little girl wants to be understood and to be close to others. Her efforts should make her mommy proud. (From a handwriting analyst)

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