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Photo Fun Thursday: Moobs A-Plenty

Travoltapreview You know, in Hollywood no female celeb would EVER get away with looking THIS bad!

More man-booby scariness after the jump

Simon Cowell in all his man-boob glory with a fellow unidentified senior moober.


Steven Tyler needs a training bra!


Richie and Denise have nice racks!


Jack Black doesn't even TRY to hide his moobs.


Willie Ames has had man-boobs forever, just not this big or colorful.


And just in case this wasn't enough man-boobage action for ya, there's always this site.

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I love that Jack Black wears his man boobs with pride.

It skeeves me out that Stephen Tyler could so easily be mistaken for a woman with the sunglasses on.


Travola's manboobs pale in comparison to his vampire hair helmut. That frightens me. I think I saw it move.


I can't believe a man-boob website exists. Wait....yes I can.

Travolta looks scary.


Can we talk about being chubby NOW?! mooooooooobs.


Who needs a man-sierre? (Man-zeer??) Bro's for everyone!!!!!


Steven Tyler - seriously. Dude looks like a lady.

Amanda Y

I know he is a big rocker and all but HOW the hell did Richie Sambora score Denise Richards? He looks like her dad, her mooby dad.


Amanda Y - I thought the same thing. And Heather Locklear took so much better care of herself than he did, too.

Deni D.

Just another reason why men should have to keep their shirts on in public, no matter how hot the weather.


Is that Sanjaya behind Jack Black?

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