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Avril Sued for Plagiarism

Avril_lavigne_not_just_a_pretty_fac Avril Lavigne is being sued for plagiarism by two American songwriters who allege that the similarities between her hit song "Girlfriend" and a hit song they wrote 30 years called "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" are no coincidence.

The plagiarism accusations follow a recent interview with Canadian singer/songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk in Performing Songwriter magazine where she alleges Lavigne stole a song she submitted to her and used it on her current album without giving Kreviazuk any writing credits.

Additionally, Lauren Christie, a writer who worked with Lavigne on "Sk8er Boi'' and "I'm With You'' told Rolling Stone that Avril did little but "change a word here or there" while Lavigne insists they wrote the songs as a team.

Ouch! Looks like all those cheap shots she took at Britney for not writing her own music may be coming to haunt 'lil Miss BadAss Lavigne!

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I think her song sounds like a feminized Andrew W.K. song. Fast and rocking. Is it gay to like the song???


I don't think so :)


Dude. I love the song, whether plagarized or not. Earwormish pop is my weakness.

Courtney Hart


Just wanted to point out that Chantal Kreviazuk has since taken back what she said about the possibility Avril stole her song "Contagious"...

Chantal *did* send her a song titled 'contagious' a couple years ago, and only saw the song *title* on Avril's new CD and thought it might be the same one. But in fact the only similarity between the two songs was the title. The songs themselves are completely different. :)

Also, in my opinion the Rubinoos song is not very similar to Avril's at all. I wrote a blog entry of my own about this story and showed there are many songs with the same phrase and subject matter over the years... including video examples.

Just click on my name here on this comment to see my post. :)


- Courtney


I can't stand her. Sue away friends, sue away...


I wouldn't want to admit to her plagiarizing my songs (I mean, if I wrote songs)...wouldn't you only want to admit that if her songs were GOOD?

On the flip side, I must admit, I like her in the way I liked Ashlee Simpson's first CD. It's like the chick lit of music. There's no substance, but sometimes, you just can't help yourself... :)


Yeah, I admit to liking Sk8r Boi. I couldn't help it. But her, as a "celebrity," not so much.


Chantal Kreviazuk is Canadian, not American.


Indeed, Kreviazuk IS Canadian. As noted, the American songwriters (plural) are ANOTHER party that are suing Lavigne for allegedly ripping off a song they wrote in the seventies, when Kreviazuk was merely a child.


avril is highly over rated over produced over exposed over praised for little talent or ability
sue sue sue sue sue sue sue


She is lame. She needs to stop trying so hard to be something she can never achieve. She is not punk, not even psudo punk. She's a whining little rich bitch who has her head up her ass. I hope she loses a lot and has to stop doing stuff.

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