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Hilary Duff Caught Drinking

This weekend Ms. Duff was photographed drinking and smoking in a Los Angeles club. The problem with that? Hilary is only 19 years old.  Umm, OOPS!

What do you guys think about underage drinking? I think Hilary is just a girl being young -- I mean, who didn't drink a little (or in some cases a lot) before they we were 21? (Though of course that behavior is nothing MamaPop condones, cough-cough.)

By the way, the leg she's grabbing belongs to her new beau, Mike Comarie. He's a 26 year old hockey player.







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um, she isn't the one smoking in the pictures. i know many non-celebs that drank underage at club. eh. she doesn't look trashed, so, at worst it some bad PR for her.


As Michele said, she doesn't look trashed. I drank before I was "legal" but didn't get into excess until my college years. So I have a hard time judging others for doing the same thing I did at their age.


That would be Mike Comrie (not Comarie), former Ottawa Senator, now a New York Islander :)


That looks like Red Bull in her glass. Could just be that on ice, but even so I drank a ton when I was her age and survived mostly unscathed. She's just acting like a normal kid.


I didn't know that the legal drinking age over there is 21. Here in Singapore, it's 18.


I can't think of anyone I know who didn't have a few drinks before they were 'legal' - the legal drinking age in the States is nuts anyway! 21?!!


I think she's just being a normal teen. She's not losing it like SOME peeps.

I'm positive that I drank more alcohol between 17 and 21 than I have in the last four years since I was legal. Some things lose their fun when they're not illegal. For me, it was binge drinking!

Now ask me what I would do if I caught MY teen drinking.


I'm probably (definitely?) crazy, but I'm more weirded out by the age difference between her & her boyfriend than I am by the drinking. Eh. A few drinks -- and I agree with everyone else, she seems mostly in control of her faculties -- doesn't bother me. But a seven-year age difference, at that age? That icks me out, a little. He's cute, though, so I can't exactly blame her for that, either. (Yes, sorry, I'm an old prude.)


I agree that it's tame by comparison, and probably pretty harmless, but being 19 and out drinking with a 26 year old boyfriend definately would not have gone over well with my mother.


Underage drinking is like anything else: some people are emotionally mature enough to handle it and some aren't. So long as she has a strong support group of friends and family, then a few drinks probably won't matter.

I'm sure Lindsey Lohan thought the same thing.


The point really isn't that we all drank when we were underage or that Hilary seems to be fine, so it's okay for her to have a few since she's always seem well maintained. It is that the club is serving alcohol to a minor. Period-end of story. I don't care who she is, she shouldn't be IN the club and she shouldn't BE served. It's this lack of enforcing the law to certain people due to their celebrity status that enables their behahior. It's the behavior that helped to create the Paris', Nicole's and Britney's we are now watching crash and burn today. I imagine that most of us when we were underage drinking, we weren't in clubs (unless we were able to sneak in or had a fake ID) and that it was alot more difficult to get alcohol (either served to us or bought for us). These younger celebrities have no problem obtaining it, and that is wrong.


I am wondering if these pictures were taken in Canada or not, as she did a concert in my city on Friday night. If this was a bar in Canada, the drinking age (in most of the country) is 18; it's 19 in a couple of the provinces, but that's as high as it gets. So IF she was in Canada, she is not underage...

I'm a Canadian, eh?


When I was 19, it was s slow night if all I was doing was drinking heavily.


It's good to see her "letting her hair down."
I was getting tired of the "little miss perfect" act! She was boring me, with the cute-sy thing!

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