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Jewel at Virgin Unite Event


Jewel and her boyfriend, Ty Murray, attended Virgin Unite's "Rock the Casbah" event yesterday in L.A. We haven't seen much of Jewel lately since her career peaked in 2001, so I'm happy to show her some love here. Anyone else sing her songs in the car while crying? No? Just me? (I hear the clock/it's six am/I feel so far away from where I've been). You know you want to join in.

Oh, and here's a little fact about Jewel: she was raised a Mormon in Utah before moving to Alaska where she grew up without plumbing. True story. Talk amongst yourselves.   


Ty is all "Ha ha. I'm about to cut you."

Mariel Hemingway. Who knew she was still around?

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I love Jewel.

She was, right when her first album came out, on this shortly lived talk show (I think it was called Mike and Maddie? I can't find a trace of anywhere -- they had this hideous couch that they wound up giving away) and she yodeled! I was fascinated.

Strawberries gave me the CD for free because no one wanted their comp disc.


HA! Found it! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0819637/


OMG. I totally forgot about that show! Such a trainwreck.


Someone once told me I was a great singer while singing "you were meant for me" in the car - I will forever hold that dear to my heart - it's the ONLY time someone has complimented my singing.

Does she age at all?

The "i'm going to to cut you" thing had me rolling!


I read in Seventeen magazine a million years ago that she was from Utah. Randomly, when I was older I was dating a kid who's older sister went to the elementary school the Seventeen article said Jewel went to. Yeah, she didn't remember her.

Long story short(ish), I've never believed the Utah story. Totally based on that.


I loved her first album (still kinda do), and have hated her ever since. I don't know what happened.


Jewel hasn't really disappeared, she just keeps a lower profile than the Britney's, Jessicas and Paris's... and doesn't do public breakdowns like some others.

I've liked all her albums thus far, though it takes several listens sometimes to really get them.

Hope to see mor

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