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K-Fed Moves On?

Liz_hernandez Well, according to the Enquirer, he has indeed moved on and is now dating L.A. hip-hop radio personality Liz Hernandez (left). They met about 18 months ago when Federline was trying to get his rap career off the ground and appeared on her show.

According to sources “He has tons of modeling pictures of Liz in his home.  She likes to cook, and Kevin loves that because he always did the cooking for both Shar and Britney."

Um...okayyyy. Sounds promising, I guess.

Now who wants to lay odds on K-Fed knocking her up in the next six months?

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Suzy Q

Does anybody actually CARE about who K-Fed is seeing these days?


Awww...it's nice that he's found his next baby mama already.

Jenny H.

I'll take those odds!


He did most of the cooking? Hmm. Guess that explains the cheetos.



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