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MamaPop MySpace Challenge Perhaps A Bit Too, Err, Challenging?

Myspace So by now I assume ya'll are aware of our MySpace contest, which was supposed to have ended yesterday. But apparently you people don't like to have to actually DO THINGS for free stuff -- a conclusion we've come to in light of having only received, like, TWO measly contest entries (DISAPPOINTED!), and flipping a freakin' coin to determine a winner seems, well, more than a bit anticlimactic... so we're changing things up a bit.

One week from today (8/1) we'll select a winner randomly from our pool of MySpace friends. Thus, to enter the contest, you simply have to make MamaPop a MySpace friend (If you're already a MamaPop MySpace friend, you're already entered). That's it. Short, sweet, simple. If you don't already have a MySpace, make one. Its easy. If a twelve-year-old can do it, so can you, man.

Let me remind you of the fabulous prizes in store for our winner -- over $500 worth. Oh yeah.

Get on it mah betches and bestards, and tell your friends!

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I don't know if it was so much HARD as really time consuming. I just redid my OWN profile and it took freaking hours...especially with the new cathca.

Anyway, you're so right, people don't want to have to DO anything for free stuff...that's why it's called free. HAHAHAHA. (Yeah, yours was a prize, still.)

That's some awesome shizat that I'm already entered in this one...I like easy.


You mean that awesome profile I made for Anthony Bourdain is going to waste?


Tracey (Sweetney)

you betches are all pussies (except kaleigh).

i am yer mom, and i am SO DISAPPOINTED IN ALL OF YOU. snort.


Oooh, Kaleigh, nice idea! I have to see your page.

Tracey, I iz sowwy. I tried one night, but every person I thought of had about 958285621 other MS pages already. I'm so not original, I guess. :-)


So do I get a prize?????

I want SWAG!!!!!!


Well, sweet! My chances to win should be great then!


i totally tried. i had a freaking DRAWING of what the page was going to look like, music picked out, etc ... and then i found out that mother teresa already HAS like 15 pages. who knew?

anyway ... im in ur myspace, bein ur frend.


But dude... it's MYSPACE! Hold a contest that involves anything other than MySpace and I'm THERE.

Suzy Q

Teh MySpaces scares me. I do not want a page. Then they could find me!!!!

I guess I will not be winning the fabulous prizez.


i tried to enter but it asked for a last name or email address...i don't know what to put! HALP!


It won't let me add Mamapop as a friend!


katie/jessie -- let me look into that... weirdness.


okay, sorry about that guys -- i think i figured out what the problem was. go ahead and try again -- should work now!


Can't we just make you our Facebook friend instead? MySpace scares the crap out of me! I know, I should just man up and do it anyway, but GAH.


I so would have entered but ya know, school and work consume too much time.

Oh how I wish money grew on trees :)

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