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MamaPop Recommends: Amanda's Picks for July


Recommended Book:
Special Topics in Calamity Physics: A Novel by Marisha Pessl is so brilliant, so absorbing, so clever, so impressive, and so deliciously long, I can read over two chapters a day and still look forward to many more ahead of me. I am still in the early part of the book, where the characters are being developed and the stage being set for the eventual death that I assume will occupy the middle and later portions of the book. (That was not a spoiler, people, I swear. That death is announced on the book's cover in big print, so you know about it before you even crack the spine.) So far, the book's narrator has been a real pleasure to spend time with and an underdog worth rooting for. If you enjoy stories where an underprivileged and chaste outsider somehow falls in with the popular and kinda raunchy crowd, you'll like this book. If you enjoy it when that underprivileged outsider snarks on the popular kids with fierce and witty observations, you'll downright love it. (I hope I still love this book when I've reached the end of it, but for now, it's definitely recommended.)

Recommended Album:
Our Love to Admire by Interpol. I won't lie: if you loved Antics, their last album, you may be a bit underwhelmed at first listen to OLtA, but it will grow on you, and you'll love it. Just differently.

Recommended TV show:
Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. And I don't even HAVE a dog; we've got cats. That Cesar is never fazed, is he? I keep telling my husband that while Cesar may be able to understand the dogs' mentalities, it must go deeper than that. He must put off some kind of scent that renders all dogs powerless to his Jedi Mind Tricks. He's just so amazing to watch. Makes me wish he worked with cats too. "Dear Cesar: my cat Phoebe tries to forcibly enter the bathroom whenever I go in there for, uh, private time. Does this behavior mean she wants to be pack leader of our house? Please help. Love, Amanda."

Recommended Other Random Thing:
My new ceiling fan! 

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