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MamaPop Recommends: Amalah's Picks for July

Mprecs_2Recommended Book:

Uh. Fine. You got me. I read exactly one book this month, and it was Harry Potter.

Well, I also read Goodnight Gorilla about 14 frillion times, but I'm not sure that counts. It's mostly pictures.

Recommended Movie:
We've been doing a lot of On Demand movies recently, having foolishly canceled our Netflix subscription last winter since there was just SO MUCH GOOD TV ON, WHICH WILL NEVER END, OH NO. Then summer hit and we're like, "Damn."

On Demand selection really sucks, by the way. They get maybe one new movie a week, so we're generally ordering ANYTHING that VAGUELY sparked our interest once. Three movies that we really, really enjoyed were Pan's Labyrinth, Lady in the Water (yes, really! it's lovely and creepy and Paul Giamatti just effing rules), and Rocky Balboa (yes, really! I never liked any of the Rocky films, but thought this one was really good).

Two movies that WE HATED OH MY GOD STAY AWAY FROM: The Prestige and The Illusionist. These came out at the same time and appeared to have the same plot and we couldn't remember which one (if either) was supposed to be any good. We rented The Prestige first. It sucked, so we figured we really meant to rent The Illusionist. It sucked harder.

Recommended TV Show:

Are you watching Flight of the Conchords? Yes? Ok, then we can still be friends. If not, well...it's probably your fault that Arrested Development got canceled too, so either pony up and start watching Conchords or BE DEAD TO ME.

Recommended Other Random Thingie:

Speaking of Arrested Development, do you know you can buy the ENTIRE series for $55 on Amazon? Do you know what an awesome gift that would make for someone? Like say, your very own self?

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Good gracious! I HATED The Prestige as well. I also hated 'Black Snake Moan' with Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci. Sadly, the title sounding like a bad porn flick was the BEST thing that movie had to offer. It's all downhill from there.


I love Flight of the Conchords! My sister turned me on to them. I did like The Illusionist though.


Ahhh, Harry Potter. Good read.


Ouch. Amy, I think you may have just broken my heart a little. While I agree that The Illusionist sucked, I lurved The Prestige. Hugh Jackman? Christian Bale? David Bowie as Nikola Tesla?! (yes, huge dork, love Nikola Tesla and his fight with Edison's General Electric, the whole AC/DC thing and the Chicago. World's. Fair? Sigh.)

But you know, two minutes in heaven are better than one minute in heaven.

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