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MamaPop Recommends: Zoot's Picks for July

Mprecs_2Recommended CD:
Against Me!
's new album: "New Wave". First, let me say that this is not typically my genre of music. When I was hardcore into music and going to shows and having a life away from my recliner, I was more of a folksy-hippy music type of gal. I mean, I went to the first Lilith Fair if that tells you anything. Now, of course, I'm a Top 40 type of gal because it makes parenting a tween much easier. Against Me! is classified as everything from "Punk" to "Hard Core" to "Emo When Emo Actually Meant More Than A Hairstyle" depending on who you ask. If you ask my husband? He'll tell you they are FREAKIN' AWESOME.

Of course - the bass player is an old band mate of his and childhood friend, but that doesn't make him biased or anything.

This album is AMAZING. (Tracks 5 and 6 are my faves.) It rocks just hard enough that I know I'm not listening to Top 40 (thank god), but it also has a great singable quality to it that makes this the first album they've put out that I actually will put on my iPod. It is not going to be everybody's cup-o-tea, but if you like your music to rock a little harder than most, this is totally the album you should buy. And if you can see them live? (Which we're hoping to do in August.) Do it. It's a great show with loads of energy.

Recommended Book:
The reason I have had a hard time with these "Recommends" posts is that I have not been reading regularly since some time in 2005. I don't know if it's the baby, the job, or the interweb - but my "Books to Read" stack has taken over a life of it's own and has now been broken into TWO piles to keep from risking the lives of those who walk near.

That said. I must recommend "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" because at the time of writing this I can think of nothing else. I promise to have read one book in August that does NOT revolve around a boy wizard.

Recommended Movie:
Can I tell you how much I truly loved Transformers? First - I saw it at the Drive-In which was an amazing way to see such a BIG movie. But also? It was fantastic. I'm a big fan of totally ridiculous action films - and the ones that involve intense special effects and miraculous CGI? Are even better. Add in the yummy Josh Duhamel (Can I add Shia LeBouf and not seem too creepy? Because I kinda think he's adorable.) and it was just a fantastically ridiculous movie. I mean - the scene with the transformer dude (I don't know they're names - give me a break) was practically roller skating down the highway? AWESOME.

Recommended Randomness:
Confession: I'm in love with Amazon Unboxed on TiVo. Seriously, I've asked it to marry me. I can now "rent" any series of television immediately and it downloads directly to my TiVo allowing me to essentially rent movies on a whim from the comfort of my cushy bed.

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