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New Contest Awesomeness: The MyMamaPopSpace Challenge!

All right. Spill it. Who's got a MySpace page?  OR, perhaps a better question, who has a teenager or preteen in the house who is spending all their time "friending" as many people as possible? (Should we be afraid, be very afraid?)

The MySpace phenomenon has Team MamaPop in intrigued for other reasons, especially as we notice that some pretty high profile celebs have gone and got themselves a MySpace account (even if they didn't actually know it...)  There's the brooding, dark, and sexy-lipped MySpace pages of Angelina Jolie  that contrast starkly to the fresh-faced and stripped down simplicity of Jennifer Aniston's. While Jennifer has a mere 1126 friends, Angelina has a more substantial 2436, among whom are David Letterman, Alanis Morrisette, and David Beckham (who knew?!). But this is nothing, nothing, compared to Paris Hilton (that wh*re) who has amassed a whopping 165281 friends, including Madonna (that wh*re).

In light of these findings, we at team MamaPop have been busy hatching plans for a counter attack for MySpace World Domination. And, also, we thought we might be able to have a little fun with it, with your help.

Thus MamaPop is launching a little competition -- one with real fabulous prizes that you could, like, totally win and stuff! Check out the MyMamaPopSpace Prizes page for a running tally of all the great booty in store for a our winner (updated daily with hot new Prize Ackshon as we hear from sponsors, so keep checking back)! Current sponsors include Jacqua, Demeter, Spunky Sprout, Belly Bean Designs and Threadless, with prizes totaling over $250 $500 in value!

So -- fabulous booty aside -- here's the skinny: We want you to create a MySpace for your most (or, even better, least) favorite celebrity or fictional character. What would Paula's MySpace look like? Florence Henderson? David Hasselhoff, Julia Child? Ma, Pa or Laura Ingalls?  Who would they friend?  What would they like to share with the world via their blog entries, musical choices, and profile images?  It's all your choice as you create MySpace pages to pay homage or completely satirize your chosen victim.  In turn, your creations will be shared via MamaPop and voted on by MamaPop readers.

Da contest rules & guidelines:
1. Create and trick out a MySpace page for a living or dead celeb, famous-type, historical figure, or completely fictional character, preferably someone who's not got one already, or if they do could seriously use some improvement.

2. Make it FUNNY, and be creative. We're talking parody here, people. Remember, the sincerest form of flattery is mimicry, so mimic away. But real MEANNESS won't get you very far, so keep it satiric and snarky but not low-down nasty or rude, ya dig?

3. Work alone or look for a partner in the specially created MyMamaPopSpace forum. If you don't mind divvying up the booty between you and another person, two heads might indeed be better than one.

4. Friend "MamaPop" on MySpace (to help us pursue our dream of MySpace world domination, naturally)

5. Send a link to your MySpace creation to contact@mamapop.com by July 24th, thereby entering your parody page in the contest. VOILA! DONE!

Some fine print-type stuff: No more than THREE entries per person/team. MamaPop reserves the right to disqualify pages we deem too mean, rude, nasty or otherwise tasteless. You can update/change/alter your entered MySpace creation(s) up until the final submission date of July 24th. After July 24th, however, we'll be on MySpace page lock-down, and there will follow one full week of People's Choice voting (deets on that to follow when the time comes), with the results of that vote (the winner) to be announced on August 1st.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to field them over in the MyMamaPopSpace forum. Otherwise, have at it, and PLEASE spread the word, y'all! WOOT!

If you're a business that would like to add a prize to the kitty (and thereby achieve internet nirvana), please contact us at contact@mamapop.com!

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Suzy Q

I'm out.

May the best person win.


Hhhhmmmm...... We're already friends on MySpace, and I don't use it often, but this sounds hilarious. Let me see if I can get rightly creative about it...

Katie Kat

Okay, but are those HONESTLY the celebs' MySpace pages? I mean, did they actually set them up, or is it really just some rabid fan or assistant to the assistant of Angelina Jolie's assistant? I doubt they even read them... but I digress...

This MyMamaPopSpace sounds hilarious - nice work! :)


So I'm usually the first one to make fun of Myspace. That was until last week when my favorite celebrity crush (Rhett Miller of the Old 97's) wrote me back via his Myspace page. And dude, I got to meet him the other day.

Today I am all about the awesomeness of Myspace.

The contest sounds awesome. Too bad my work blocks both Myspace and YouTube. I hate them.






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