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oh hai im reading harry potter kthxbai

had haircut today at 12:30 pm stop. assumed book would be here before then stop. wasn't. stop. eff you ups stop. arrived five minutes after i left oh hell have been reading every since i got home at chapter 12 already also ovulating, like crappity, i need to put the book down for that, right? stop?

this post dedicated to mai grrl zoot and everybody else who is like, OMFGHARRYPOTTER this weekend, a group i am proud to be a part of, because obviously i don't even have time 4 teh shift key must get back to reading OMFGHARRYPOTTER.

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I was not-so-secretly glad that my wife and son would be out-of-town for the book's arrival. This meant that I got first dibs... and I could read for 8 hours today without interruption.


Yeah, HP! I went to the mall bookstore at 11:30 last night, and the line was impossible, but the kids were cute all dressed up in their robes-then I went to wallymrt. and got it and finished it around 2pm today:) I think it's my favorite of all the books.

Tracey (Sweetney)

can't wait to hear what you and zoot have to say... jamie is currently in non-stop reading mode, barely acknowledging my existence with an occasional grunt.

sigh. i'm a fucking Harry Potter widow.


I heart Harry and all his friends. That was such a fabulous book... maybe my fave. I had to finish before I went back to work at B&N so no one could spoil it for me. Now, I must have sleep...


7hrs of reading, no eating and no toilet breaks paid off. I finished the book before 5pm and managed to go for the fifth Harry Potter movie in the afternoon.

Jenny H.

Yeah. It was sooo amazing. I just finished on account of stupid work. Had I been thinking I would have just requested the day off. Loser.

I am dying for y'all to finish reading ALREADY!!

Now I must get some sleep.


readingreadingreading... Yeah, UPS sucked over here too, down with the preorders! Only up to chapter 11 due to late delivery, grr... readingreadingreading


I'm only on page 144... I didn't actually GET the book till last night after 11pm. Amazon didn't get it shipped in time and since I'm in the sticks I had to wait for hubby to show up with it! I started reading at 12:30pm and fell asleep with the book in my fricking hand... /cry


SO PROUD to be part of this group.

I finished the book last night at 11 p.m. The whole damn thing in less than 24 hours. Oh man. OHMANOHMANOHMANOHMAN. SO GOOD.

Love you all.


I finished it too!

I was so afraid that someone would spoil it!

I can't wait until we can talk about it!


Got the book at 10am from the library (they called at 9:30 a.m. - I was #40 on the list and they got 40 copies!) Delayed by family dinner out last night, but just finished the book at 5:20 p.m. today. Loved it!



Stupid life kept getting in the way of mah reading. Family. Eating. Sleeping. Whatever.



I just finished too! Laundry, schmaundry! I can wear dirty clothes to work!

I heart this book! It was great! Worth not leaving the house all day for.


I haven't read any of the HP books or seen any of the movies because I have a very, very full life (SO WHAT if it's on teh internet?) and I just haven't had time.

BUT? I have SO much to look forward to! I'm a Harry Potter VIRGIN!!

I know you're jealous ;)


i'm done!
i read all night, while bartending. i am very skilled. also, some people will always remember me as the crying bartender...but, whatever.
how long until we can discuss?


I finished. We're talking about it in the book forum om MPT. Come chat!


I'm not done. Hopefully will finish tomorrow. But so far I love love love it.


My book club usually doesn't meet in July, but we are having a special "emergency" meeting, complete with HP treats on Friday (giving everyone a chance to read the book!) I sooooo can't wait!


Good god I loved the book and I'm also amazed that I managed to avoid spoilers.

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