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Gossip Rag Wednesday


I love you Owen!!! No snark for this, just a lot of love and support vibes to be sent out.

For all the newsstand gossip, read on!


Wait, didn't we all just agree they were happy? And why is In Touch using a LiLo pic that's like five months old?

Does this make anyone else mad? How is it KATE'S nightmare ... didn't she dump him forever ago?


Another day, another rumor. I just can't see this thrill-seeking mama of four addicted to something so wussie as diet pills.


How could Katie have ever been in Tom's shadow ... she's like a foot taller than him!


A little late for the summer sun and fun most of us have had, wouldn't you say? God, how I hope the pic on the right is Brit Brit!

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The pic on the right IS Britney.

In Touch has definitely staked their place as anti-Brangelina - the last few issues has been all about them and all have been negative.

And yeah, Owen Wilson tries to take his own life, and somehow, this is KATE's nightmare? WTF?


I heard on the radio coming home yesterday the reason for Wilson's hospitalization and was soooo sad for him. I adore him and hope he gets better soon.


i understand why Suri looks like Tom Cruise, but when did KATIE start looking like him, too? did he have himself cloned or something? it's creepy.


all love for Owen!

"Kate's Nightmare"!?!? can i punch her in the face now? (please?)


Kate's Nightmare is going to be a bunch of Owen Wilson fans sitting on her doorstep waiting in line to punch her in the face. (I call first in line!)


You are SO not the only one who is mad! OMG!!! MUCH love going out to Owen!


How is Owen Wilson attempting suicide Kate's nightmare? You know, at least moreso than it's his family's nightmare.

And beyond that, this must have been a bad week for the celeb weeklies because WOW, the headlines are all boring and well, old.


As soon as we qualify that that kid is in fact, human, let us rescue her as quickly as possibly, please?

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