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MamaPop Recommends: Sweetney's Picks For August


Recommended TV Show: Entourage
Its sort of the underappreciated gem of the HBO televisual canon (well and The Wire of course -- but don't even get me started on that). If you haven't yet had the pleasure, think Sex & The City for dudes. And with a whole lot of weed and Insider's Hollywood-type shenanigans. What could be better? That's right: NOTHING. Start from the beginning and rent the first season on DVD -- you won't be disappointed, promise.

Recommended Book: Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar.
I learned about this book through The Daily Show of all places. The author -- a professor at Harvard University -- wrote the book based on his course in "Positive Psychology" (the most popular course at the school, in fact), and was a guest on a recent episode of the show. The book transcends the self-help genre, employing science and practical advice -- not cheap and flimsy get-happy-quick schemes -- to help readers see how modifying their own behaviors, habits, and attitudes can improve their quality of life (and enjoyment of life).

Recommended Song: I'm still stuck on this wonderous track from Josh Ritter. A Bob Dylan for our generation, perhaps? Jury's stlll out, but the song remains firmly lodged in my brain on repeat.

Recommended Movie: Beerfest
Its Harold and Kumar, but with beer, man. I caught this movie by chance on premium cable, and was shocked I hadn't heard more good things about it. Silly, crude, and ridiculously surreal, the movie was a unexpectedly hilarious treat. Watch it with someone you love to laugh with, and have a couple of brewskies!

Recommended Website: Our own Kelly has herself a brand spankin' new blog, and her writing is just as funny, thoughtful, and honest over there as it is here. Go over and give her some sugar, won't you?

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