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Owen Wilson Didn't Overdose


With reports of Owen leaving the hospital to head to an undisclosed rehab facility all over the TV as I was trying to pretend to work out last night, it turns out he might not have actually even overdosed. For the scoop as only a lawyer could spin it, read on.

An attorney speaking on behalf of Owen to Access Hollywood says that while Owen did in fact slit his wrists, there were only prescription antidepressants found in his system when he was admitted into the hospital. The lawyer is also saying he did not actually have his stomach pumped.

To add to the frustration of prying fans, the tapes of the 911 call will not ever be released to the public.  The Santa Monica City Attorney's office had this to say about it:

“In reaching this decision the City believes that in many instances no person should have to worry about whether placing a call for emergency assistance will automatically make his or her medical request open to public review,” the City Attorney’s office said in a press release late Wednesday. “In balancing the competing interests, the City agencies outweigh the public interest served by disclosure of the emergency 911 call. In situation such as this, the City concludes that the public is best served if medical attention is promptly sought instead of being delayed because of a concern, real or imagined, of public attention, regardless of whether that publicity is sympathetic or not.”

So, no drug overdose, and potentially no drug problem at all. Or it's all just a way to get the media and the gossip blogs (touche Owen) to leave him the F alone! Either way, hopefully Owen's getting whatever help he needs.


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Okay so no overdose but he DID slit his wrists. No matter really, same desired result. No?

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