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Paris Hilton Goes (More) Natural


Showing off her new clothing line in Las Vegas, Paris goes without the ratty extensions for the first time in what seems like forever! I love her hair so much this way, and hope she'll keep it short like this for longer than a day or two. What do you think? More pics to help you decide after the jump.


I"m not a fan of the coat, or her pale lips for that matter, but I'm still in love with the hair so much! Almost enough to make me want to cut mine again.


After the debut in Vegas, what's a girl to do but grab her sister and head to Pure for some partying?! And that's exactly what these two did. In silver sparkles, no less.


I couldn't not include this. You know I had to. Only Paris can surroind herself by men while striking the dorkiest pose ever.

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There's only one way I want Paris to go -- away.


Whatever happened to her vow to do something good for mankind or the planet for a couple of hours?


That first picture of her looks old- like Candace Olsen'ish!
The second is very cute, I like her with the short hair, I use "like her" very loosley.


Loving the haircut. If I had straight hair, I would do the same thing. For some reason, it looks softer and more natural than Posh's even though it is basically the same cut. That dress, however, has GOT TO GO.


Amen, Nicki.

Another Jennifer

Love the hair...but when is she going to go natural with her eye color and take out the colored contacts?

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