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Paris Hilton Sells Her Hollywood Home

Paris Hilton has sold her Hollywood home for a mere $4.25 million. Sadly, the asking price was a smidge over my budget. Heh.

No need to worry about Paris, though. It's not as if she's homeless. She's somehow making do at her Malibu beach house complete with Malibu Ken and Skipper, a convertible, and ...oh wait that's Barbie. My bad!


Find out why her Hollywood neighbors aren't shedding any tears over her move after the jump...

Being a neighbor of a high profile pseudo-celebrity must be exhausting!

Even Cameron Diaz, one of Paris' former Hollywood neighbors, complained of the constant whir of hovering helicopters:

“There were 10 helicopters above her house, which I live not too far from. I was like, ‘Could you please keep it down?’ We all suffer when Paris suffers.”

Neighbors have also had to deal with paparazzi and fans, who congregated at her house at all hours.  Luckily, my neighborhood has never had to deal with this type of problem. (Although, we have had the irritating neighbors who start their lawn mowers and leaf blowers before sunrise.  This is the same type of thing, right?)

Paris is reportedly sad to be leaving her home saying:

“It’s time to move.  I’m really upset because I love my house so much. I put so much work into it. It’s totally me. But I’m looking for something else right now.”

Is anyone else chuckling about the part where she said "I put so much work into it?" Seriously, I suspect she never even made the bed in that house, let alone spent a weekend laying tile or putting in granite counter tops.




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Why does Paris always look like she's posing for a Victoria's Secret Catalog ad?


I think it's quite the accomplishment for someone with so little cleavage to manage underboob, as she has in the second picture.


ZOMG! I have shoes like the ones Paris is wearing in these pictures! I got them at Payless on sale for $4! Whee!

Yeah, I got nothin'.


dood in picture #3 is staring right at her non-existent ta-ta's.

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