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RIP, Richard Jewell


Remember this guy?  He had his 15 minutes of fame and then some, after being falsely accused in the Atlanta Olympic Park bombing in 1996.  Sadly, he passed away Wednesday.  He died quietly at his home, apparently of natural causes.  He was only 44, and left behind his wife of six years.

The Atlanta news gave Jewell's death a lot of coverage on Wednesday and Thursday.  WSB-TV in Atlanta has lots of coverage of Jewell on their website.  One thing I was glad to learn was that he was honored by Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue last year for his heroic actions during the attack. Jewell sued several of the news organizations that crucified him back in 1996, and he settled out of court with CNN and NBC. At least one other lawsuit is still pending.  Personally, I hope he cashed in big time.

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Remember SNL making fun of how everyone blamed Richard Jewell?

"In Atlanta this week, two separate bomb blasts rocked a building which houses an abortion clinic. Asked if there were any suspects, an FBI spokesman said, "We don't want to rush to judgment like we did in the Olympic Park bombing case," but then added, "It's Richard Jewell."

Remember when he went on SNL?!?
Here's a pretty crappy video clip- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUMXA29nSpU

Or the transcript of the whole "fake news" for that night- http://snltranscripts.jt.org/97/97aupdate.phtml

The guy had his last laugh.

Mandi Spivey

Richard was a friend of mine and my husbands. He was a good man and a good officer. We are praying for his wife and mother at this time of sadness. I hope that before he left this world he was able to find peace over the Olympic bombing events and over the death of our dear friend Chris Ruse. Richard, now you can be with Chris in Heaven. See you there!


Jeezus, what a perfect example of someone friggin destroyed by the media. May he rest in peace. I feel for his poor family. Guy never did anything wrong.

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