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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Comes Out Of Hiding!


Finally heading out with the rest of her family, Shiloh joined the Jolie-Pitt clan (sans dad Brad Pitt) in the petting zoo at Central Park today. More cutie pics after the jump.


It looks like all the kids might have been out and about this time (along with some creepster old guy acting as bodyguard) ... glad to see Shiloh was brought out of her little box to be shown off once again!


I love how serious and big Maddox is getting. Too bad Pax didn't get in any of the photos, too. Maybe someday soon we'll get pics of the WHOLE family, but for now, it's good to see Shiloh getting some mommy time.


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Same comment I left at I'm Not Obsessed:

"Yeah…you know…maybe all those times photogs catch her without Shiloh, she is just trying to spend quality time with the older kids. Maybe she just spends more time with Shiloh at home. That would probably work out well, because she looks absolutely uninterested in the zoo."


(Wow, also judging from the comments over there, maybe she doesn't bring her out to Paparazzi Land because dopes on the internet spend hours picking the poor babe apart. Such mean things to say about a BABY!!)


What kind of mean things could they possibly say about this beautiful child?


Could the child look anymore like her mom?

dark faith

she is so cute, there are always people who will alway be resenful of this child because of who her parents are, so they will say horrible thing's about her iven if nothing is her fault, i get it that not everybody will think a particular child is cute, i my self dont think that every celebaby is cute and is okay to say it but to openly insult children calling them names because you dont like the parents


Is it just me or does she look like a blond version of that TomKat kid?


I think this baby is so adorable! And really, it should end the debate of "are the lips real" once and for all.

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