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Rumor: Suri To Eclipse Her Parents' Fame?

Cutie litle Suri Cruise is probably the only reason I haven't completely written off the TomKat family. (I bet I'm not the only one.) So, when I started to hear she was going to be the newest face of Baby Gap I got super excited. I mean, wouldn't you want to shop there after seeing this mug?


Unfortunately for Suri, and us, it looks like she's not going to be muggin' for money any time soon.

A rep for Tom Cruise is denying reports that his youngest daughter is going to be the new face of Baby Gap.

The rumor is “totally untrue,” according to the actor’s publicist.

Too bad for Suri, but at least we'll still get to see cute pics like this often enough!



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Oh MAN, that child is a cutie patootie! I LOVE that picture of her with the doggie. Adorable :) (but really- it's probably good that she isn't being pimped out- oops I mean modeling- at such a young age.)

Steph T

She looks so much like her mommy! She's adorable.


She is a gorgeous baby! Too bad her Dad is a wacko.

Suzy Q

Ditto what JenD said.


She's adorable...but seriously, when is that kid gonna ditch the bottle?


she's still a teeny baby! she shouldn't be off the bottle yet.


She should be off the bottle, she's like 17 months old or something. My kids were off at a year.

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