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An Informal MamaPop Poll:


Who's gonna watch the VMAs this Sunday?

Who's gonna at least watch Britney open the VMAs this Sunday?

And lastly, give us your prediction: is Brit gonna rock...or roll off the stage in a hot mess o' fishnets and fake hair?

(The MTV Video Music Awards are this Sunday at 9pm ET for anyone who just plans to rubberneck.)

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I'll totally be watching, and yes, mainly for Britney's performance. I may be a dork because of it, but I don't care.


i live for this shit. nuff said.


Like a bystander who can't stop watching a train wreck, I'll be checking out the opening for Brit Brit.

Susan Day

Won't be watching. I don't care for Brit. I think she's a good dancer but her voice hurts my head. She'll probably do fine though.


If I remember, I will watch the opening with Britters...I think she'll probably be okay, but I'm curious to see what she'll be wearing (good chance it WILL be a variation of fishnets and fake hair (ew)).


I can't wait to watch. I'm hoping for disaster. I'm a pesamistic bitch.


I'll watch. Or TiVo at least. Britney performing is a must see.

I hope she's a hot mess, but I'm guessing it will be awesome and we'll all be blown away.


I will watch. I am predicting lots of fake hair, no undies, etc. I really hope so anyway....


I am tuning in just for Brit and nothing else. I'm counting on a train wreck!

(Though part of me thinks she may flake out at the last minute).

Suzy Q

OMG, I wish we could all watch it together...with cocktails, of course! I, too, am hoping for Hot Mess Britney to show up and, if the planets align just so, have a "wardrobe malfunction." Or bite the head off a bat.


you know, i hadn't thought about so i'm actually surprised that i really hope she kicks ass. sure, she's fun (and easy!) to laugh at...but wouldn't it be awesome if she could pull of another performance like the one in the picture you included?
that one was awesome.
but awesome.

there should totally be a mamapoptalk open thread for at least the opening of the show,


I always watch the VMAs (I still hold onto some of that teenage side of me), but actually have no desire to see Britney. I'll DVR the entire show, and fast forward through the opening act...unless I hear from one of you ladies that she flubbed up greatly, in which case I'll watch her, too. ;)

I couldn't stand her when the rest of the world was ga-ga over her, and now she's lived down to my lowest expectations of her. Besides - you know she'll be lip-synching. I hope the recording sticks, a la Milli Vanilli (yes, I'm showing my age), or more recently, Ashlee Simpson (whom I also loathe).

I know I'm gonna get some flack for my nasty 'tude toward Brit. Sorry ladies - just telling you how I really feel! ;)

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