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Brad Pitt Says He's Ready For More Kids


While talking to a TV reporter during his promotional stints for The Assassination of Jesse James, Brad Pitt had some news about the growth of the Jolie-Pitt clan! To hear the scoop, jump on!


Being attacked by a fan couldn't even squelch Pitt's gushing about his family and the desire to add a 5th Jolie-Pitt to the clan!

He praised fatherhood, saying: "It's the most fun I've ever had and also the biggest pain I've ever experienced. I love it and can't recommend it any more highly, although sleep is non-existent."

When the TV reporter asked if he was ready to add a 5th to the family, he said, "Yeah, we're ready." I wonder if this means they've already got a country picked out to adopt from, or if Angie's going to Shiloh it up again?


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They're children, not collectibles. pax hasn't even been with the family for a year yet... how the hell can everyone adjust so quickly? And don't they realize that these kids are all going to be teenagers at the exact same time?

Hot Librarian

Shiloh it up - Ha.

And Nicki's right. No amount of nanny-type assistance can help with the teen years.


but at least they mean well, and are helping out the world in a far bigger sense than most celebs. Despite it all they really do seem grounded, caring and compassionate about things that matter.


I just don't see Angelina getting up at 3am because someone is crying. I can't picture them doing the gross parent-y stuff.

Someone poops in their pants, and I just picture Angelina walking away from it, or signaling a nanny.

And I agree with Nicki, it's not a day-care where you can take on as many as you like, it's a family.

Maxine Dangerous

Agreeing with what everyone else said and also thinking they could adopt some kids from, oh, America, who need homes too. We got yer multicultural right here!

Loving the use of Shiloh as a verb. :D

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