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Gossip Rag Thursday

We're switching up the day for the Gossip Rag reveals ... it's easier to get them all up for my lazy-ass, and you'll still get all the details before the mags hit newsstands. So without further ado ...

Starting off on a happy note (it won't last long, I'm afraid), we've got two pregnancy rumors that just won't quit! Neither is confirmed, but when has that ever stopped us from speculating!

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I just don't believe that Brad's done with Angie after he just got done talking about how they're getting a bigger bed and the rumors of another baby. But whatever, Life & Style. Keep spreading your rumor!


Finally. After several years of single life. After dating one of the hottest male models in the. world.  Poor Jen's been pining after Brad all this time (snort) and has only just now figured out how to move on from his cheating ass. Sure. Like that didn't happen years ago.

How do I dignify this? .........
I can't. It's crap, and bollux. Hil would never go back to him. Ever. She pinky swore!


So sad. Now they're using the kids to sell magazines. Well, I'm not buying it (which has nothing to do with the fact that I can read it online).


I love that Jenny's so open about her son's autism! Yay for using star power for good!

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Jenny McCarthy is rapidly becoming one of my favorite people. She is SO awesome in interviews all "This is an EPIDEMIC that involves MY kid, and I'm not going to shut up about it, DAMMIT."

Good on you, girl.


My only concern is that Jenny's comments will be misconstrued, that all it takes for you to cure your child's autism is to follow a gluten and casein free existence.

If only that were true, my life would be a heck of a lot easier.


I did not even know Jenny had a baby -- and than the "weight" commercials started with her on Jenny Craig or something... I was like ... WHAT?

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