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Jon Bon Jovi Talks Some Trash


Apparently feeling the need to prove he's better than the rest of the bad boys, Jon Bon Jovi talked some serious trash about such stars as Oasis, Robbie Williams, Pete Doherty and David Beckham.

Wait, David Beckham? That's harsh...

Robbie Williams? That guy couldn’t even fill a bar. He couldn’t sell 500 tickets. “Oasis couldn’t fill a bar either - and they’re full of themselves.” The 45-year-old singer also blasted notorious Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty, claiming he hasn’t even heard any of his music. He added to Glamour magazine: “We’re not familiar with Pete Doherty in the US other than his antics and the fact that he’s always in trouble - I’ve never heard a single one of his songs.” He also suggested that David Beckham was past his prime.

Who believes any of this? He's talking trash for these guys being past their prime, when ... hello? John hasn't been a sought-after man since these days:


Not that I don't love the hair, but John needs to get over himself. Isn't he pushing 60?


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OMG! I just realized that Jon and I currently have the same hair cut! Aaaarg!


Gotta stand up for my Jersey homie: He ain't in the media coverage lately, but they still sell out stadiums all over the place. It's a little unsettling how people are still so obsessed. (He also built a whole damn NEIGHBORHOOD with Oprah's Angel Network for Katrina victims and he's still married to his high school sweetheart and OKAY FINE MAYBE I STILL LOVE HIM A LITTLE BIT.)

Whew. Sorry.


uh, yeah, I gotta go with MissBanshee on this one. He is actually still recording, just his latest stuff is hitting the country charts.

And a smoking hot 45, as the article mentioned.

Though the trash-talking is tacky. Taking the quote out of context, I don't know if he meant it as a joke or as a warning against believing your own press. Although he's right about Oasis and Robbie Williams. What a lot of wasted promise!


He's right about all of those people. Can anyone else name a Pete Doherty song?

And seriously, Jon gets better looking every year.


I am embarrassed to admit it but I've always loved Bon Jovi (you can take the girl out of Jersey but not the Jersey out of girl) although I thought he sounded very full of himself when he slammed American Idol on Larry King last year and then 6 months later was on the show - first pompous then a hypocrit - maybe his next career should be in politics


OK, fine. I'll give him everyone else. But David Beckham? WHY? That's just a low blow.

And yeah, JBJ is still hot and rockin'.

Maxine Dangerous

*pausing now to remember being 16 and renting, over and over and OVER, a tape (!) that chronicled one of their tours* Ahhh, Bon Jovi. :)

I also think he's right, but yeah, he should watch out. Shoes no taste good.


clearly, jon bon jovi has sold his soul* to satan, because he actually LOOKS BETTER NOW than he did 20 years ago. that BASTARD.

* = no, not the philadelphia soul. his actual soul.

Jenny H.

Um, yeah. WHO is Pete Whats-his-face? I know who JBJ is,I am not DEAD!

Anyhoo, he can pretty much say what he wants.


Jenny H.

No way. He looks sooooo much better now. He has aged VERY well.

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