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MamaPop Recommends: Amalah's Picks for September

Mamapop_recommends_2 Recommended Book or Publication: Allure, also known as my secret weapon for all things Advice Smackdown. Great makeup and hair tips, a good mix of high-end and drugstore product reviews and recommendations, and thanks to their September issue, a in-depth take on the trainwreck that is our Brit-Brit that didn't make me feel dirty. The Thinking Woman's gossip rag, if you will.

Recommended TV Show: Please please please watch 30 Rock this season. Please? I know it won Emmy Awards and all but DEAR GOD, so did Arrested Development. (Not that 30 Rock is Arrested Development or anything, but still. It's a really funny show and I want it to stick around for awhile.) (And remember: if you watched the first couple eps last season and didn't like them, give it another try.)

Recommended Movie:
You know what? I recommend that you NOT rent Deja Vu, starring Denzel Washington. BAD, y'all. A messed-up, nonsensical plot and the WORST sudden twist into bad time travel sci-fi this side of late night basic cable. Unless you want an evening of yelling at the TV because THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE...BUT YOU JUST SAID...WAIT. OH COME ON, skip it.

Recommended Other Random Thingie: Look, if my stubborn-ass barely-talking two-year-old can now walk into the room and sign that he is hungry, and also a little sad, and would like a hug, and that he loves me, all in one long string of hand motions, your kid can too. Get some Signing Time DVDs, mamas. Will change your tantrum-filled lives.

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I. LOVE. Allure!!!

That is all. :)


Deja Vu was playing during a recent flight so I could tune in and out. I'm glad I didn't rent it!

Nic (bridehood)

I totally agree about 30 Rock. I'm beginning to think that Alec Baldwin does crazy better than William Shatner. The first couple of episodes were rough, but then, well then it was awesome. And now, well I love it so much I want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant.


Nic, you just cracked me up with that comment. Damn, that Tracy is one funny dude. 30 Rock is so great.

Nic (bridehood)

I'm glad it made you laugh because juxtaposed with my comment above, I look like an ass, LOL.


Yay for Signing Time! Our DVR has recorded it weekly for over a year! Of course, I'm biased, having a degree in Deaf Studies and all, but my almost-5-year-old son's first words were signed, as was his first sentence. :) I don't really see the point of the cartoon frog, but other than that - it's great!


DianaCLT - Signing Time is on TV where you are? Not fair. We've just been re-requesting them from the library every three weeks. Signing time is AWESOME (except fot the song... oh, lord why do I have to have that song stuck in my head??)

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