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Mamapop Recommends: Robyn's Picks For September

Mamapop_recommends_2Book/Magazine: I"ve been too busy playing on the internet to read a full book this month (so sad!), but I just got my new issue of Bust in the mail. Rockstar! Every feminist should be reading this magazine, as it has not just the political commentary of Ms. Magazine or Bitch, but the fashion sense of Sassy and Jane put together, minus the anorexic look of Cosmo and other such mags. Like I said, Rockstar.

TV Show: I feel like I should say ANTM because I'm all about the open threads. But I'd be lying. If only because I'm hopelessly in love with Bill Haversham on Freaks And Geeks. We've been watching them thanks to the gods of Netflix, and it's an official crush of the ages. If you haven't seen it yet, you MUST. WATCH. IT.

Movie: Once again relying on Netflix to decide my likes/dislikes for me, the monkey and I rented Kiss Kiss Bang Bang the other week. It was suprisingly humorous, with both Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. turning out stellar performances. A cop-thriller or sorts, dry humor was the true joy of this flick, as is knowing Kilmer's character name is Gay Perry. I know!

Website: My big obsession right now is (and always will be) Ravelry. If you're a knitter, crocheter, or spinner, and you don't have an account with them yet? Get on the freakin' boat! If you aren't a knitter, crocheter, or spinner, why not??? All the cool kids are doing it!

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yeah, so excited to join the Ravelry group...and then I got there and they said they weren't ready for me. so sad. my mountainous heap of knitting yarn will have to sit longer and collect dust until I can join. (I want to make the mermaid mittens in the worst way.) but thanks for the tip. I will keep checking it out!!

Nic (bridehood)

There's a MamaPop person on Ravelry?! I thought I was the only one! I finally got my invite last week (signed up in July) I'm totally enamored. And perhaps a little ashamed about my Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock stash considering that I don't wear socks. And you know, just because. Pattern browsing has never been easier. Of course, I have to knit a hat and scarf in the next two weeks and have spent so much time looking and playing that I haven't picked a pattern let alone started knitting. I have a feeling I'll just whip up another Clapotis. What's your knitting specialty?


Oh, Freaks and Geeks, I loved you so. I put them all on my BlockbusterAccess queue and loved them. Hated to put that last one in the DVD player.

robyn (warmwithlove on ravelry)

my knitting specialty? i'm a big fan of squares. hah! and scarves (garter stitch) and i crochet preemie hats, booties, and mitts. my profile name is 'warmwithlove' ... friend me!!!

i had to wait forever to get my invite, too, but i hear they're moving through them all much faster now!

Nic (bridehood)

I added you, my username is notperfect. I have to take pictures of my stuff and post them. But right now I'm kinda busy swearing about how much I hate my big WIPs (Blue Sky Alpaca Silk Shrug and a Ribby Cardi) so i spend my time starting new ones (basic toe up ribbed socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Vera).


One of these days I will summon the courage to try knitting. Until then? Latch hook (totally serious).


I love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It's funny as all hell and Val Kilmer's dialogue is a killer.


Hey, just thought you should know Bust's website is bust.com, not bustmagazine.com. Bustmagazine.com is one of those weird generic search engine pages but all the links are about porn. o_o I just wanted to get a subscription (I'm at college right now and I always like getting mail) and I was like "OH GOD WHAT IS ON MY INTERNET SCREEN" when bustmagazine.com came up.


Dude you're a knitter?! You're on Ravelry?!? That's all kinds of awesome.

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