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MamaPop Recommends: Kelly's Picks for September

Mprecs_2Recommended Song or Album: OK Computer by Radiohead. For me, this is where Radiohead really begins. I can live without Pablo Honey and I do love The Bends, but OK Computer was when they really started to stretch their legs artistically and we began to see the genius that lied behind Thom Yorke's wonky eye. As you may or may not know, Radiohead refuses for their albums to be sold on iTunes, as they feel that being able to listen to individual songs would diminish the work. That might sound like pretentious art crap, but I think they're totally in the right and who ever hears of artists putting their art above profit these days? Listen from beginning to end and let that experience wash over you. It's wonderful. Also, OK Computer celebrates the 10th anniversary of its release this year, which makes me feel kind of old...I should probably skip "Exit Music (for a film)," lest I get all suicidal.

Recommended Book or Publication: Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. I guess this is the throwback edition of MamaPop Recommends, eh? I dug out my copy of this classic at my mom's house last week. It has that great cover with Margaret sitting on the bed talking to Nancy and Gretchen (I'm assuming). The pages are yellowed and half the cover is missing from when my dog chewed it up, but the words in between are still the same. And that edition still mentions the belts that girls had to wear back in the day, and which made every girl my age freak out since we thought we were going to have to wear belts, too. They've since revised the book so that it's up to date, which I think is weak, but whatever.

Recommended TV Show: Survivor: China. Not because it's good, mind you, but because it's so goofy and the people are so infuriating. I'm hosting the open thread for this on MamaPopTalk this season and you should join me because I tend to be pretty funny when I can direct my hate toward something or someone, i.e. Courtney, the bitchy blonde waify waitress who is from New York, and will never miss an opportunity to tell you she's from New York, even if it's not at all New York-related, like, "Oh, there's trees here in China. There are trees in New York, too. In fact, all trees are originally from New York because New York is the source of all things awesome. I mean, didn't you ever read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? It's about the first trees being cultivated in New York," because she's from New York, and do you know about New York? because Courtney's a waitress there...New York, that is. And that makes her totally tough and respectable and above everything. New York.

Recommended Movie: Knocked Up comes out on DVD today. Need I say more?

Recommended Website: Good Reads. I guess this might fall under the heading of "networking sites," since you have friends lists and whatnot. But basically Good Reads allows you to make a list of the books that you've read or are reading or intend to read, rate them, and share those lists with other people. I like. I've also compiled a huge mental list of stuff that I want to read just from browsing the lists of my friends.

Recommended Other: Not smoking crack. See, crack makes you do really dumb things, like break into people's houses while they're upstairs asleep, take their shit, and rob the inhabitants of their feelings of security. It also leads you to become a total moron and incriminate yourself at pawn shops, which will result in arrest, trial and incarceration in a prison where your butthole will never be the same.

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10 years?! my friend gave that to me for my birthday when it came out. god, i'm old.


I'm so obsessed by goodreads I'm almost embarrassed when people become my friends because I have rated a ridiculous amount of books!
(And I'm BaltimoreGal there, too, folks.)


Did you know that Are you there God, it's me, Margaret is one of the most frequently challenged books, according to the American Library Association?(http://www.ala.org/ala/oif/bannedbooksweek/bbwlinks/100mostfrequently.htm) How ridiculous is that? I must have read that book 63 times by the time I was 12... and i certainly wasn't hurt by it. I'll never understand the idea behind banning books...


I was SO freaked out by the concept of wearing a belt...I cannot believe that they updated the book. I call shenanigans, dammit.

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