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Mamapop Recommends: Lena's Picks for September

Mprecs_2Recommended Book or Publication: For those of you who feel a rumbly in your tumbly when you see a cute pair of shoes, this monthly magazine is for you. If you're not subscribing to Lucky, you're just not trying hard enough. Not only does it show you what all the cool kids are wearing, it will teach you how to pull the same look together from what you already own.

Lena Before Lucky: black t-shirt and jeans. Lena After Lucky: black t-shirt and jeans and red open-toe wedges. Holla!

Recommended Song or Album: I could pretend that my taste in music is cutting edge. But, I'll leave that to Tracey. Because honestly? I'm still listening to my Blogher 06 mix. But, since I just can't leave well enough alone, why don't I wow you with my iPod "Gym" Playlist. It's not for the faint of heart.

  • Headsprung - LL Cool J / Rubber Doll - Lords of Acid / Gold Digger - Kanye West / Blow the Whistle - Too Short / Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz / Stupid Girl - Garbage  / Thunder - Nuttin But Stringz / Wind It Up - Gwen Stefani / Take the Power Back - Rage Against the Machine / Party Like a Rock Star - Shop Boyz

Now imagine how cool I look blaring that from my soccer mom SUV as I cruise around Orange County with my five-year-old doing errands. Very.

Recommended TV Show: As my dad used to say, three guesses and the first two don't count! Of course my recommended TV show is going to be my beloved The Bachelor, which premiered on ABC Monday. I have a really good feeling about this season. And I don't mean that Brad will find love - because really who cares about that? What I mean is that these girls put the K in Krazy. We're only one episode in and we already have boobs popping out, snotty crying, and webbed toes. Be sure to come recap with me every Tuesday over here!

Recommended Other Random Thing: I'm not sure, but I have a hunch that I'm a millionaire living like a pauper for one reason. We eat out. ALOT. Like five times a day. Which makes finding Restaurant.com all the more awesome. You just put in your zip code and up will pop a list of some of your favorite restaurants (and some new ones to try like the Mexican one we fell in love with last night) with crazy discounts. On our first experience I bought a $35 gift certificate for $10. Then I just printed it out, we hopped in the car, and voila! $25 off our meal. Just like that.

*Feel free to reward yourself with an extra margarita for all your hard work.

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