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Mrs. Davis's Picks for September


TV Show:  It's premiere week -- OMG, there are too many shows to count!!  If I had to name just one, it would be How I Met Your Mother.  I thought this show may have peaked last season, but the new season premiere makes me think it's still getting better. And better.  (Although Alyson Hannigan's hair has officially become more interesting than she is.)These people know funny.

Web Site:  I found an awesome music blog BY A WOMAN (these are not nearly as easy to find as awesome music blogs written by men -- there just aren't as many, and they're not as high-profile).  Even better -- she recently put together a list of other music blogs written by women.

Book:  I'm just finishing up The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio, about a mom of 10 who basically earns a second income for her family as a "contester" -- entering all sorts of contests involving food labels, jingles, and 25-words-or-less essays.  It's a true story that takes place in the 1950s and 60s, and I've been stunned at the similarities between the life of an at-home mom then and now.  Depressing and heartening all at once.

Movie:  No good movies lately, but we just got another fabulous DVD box set -- the first season of Rocky and Bullwinkle.  It's even more hilarious than I remembered (there's some really sophisticated political satire there, which was totally lost on me when I was 8).  Also? Our sons love it, which means I can use the phone, send email, and even shower when I get the urge!  Thank you, Rocket J. Squirrel!

Other Thing: The Furries vs Klingons Bowling Tournament, because OMG, it's Furries and Klingons and bowling.  WTF? The big event is this weekend in Atlanta, and no, I'm not going -- it sounds too bizarre even for me.  But it's nice to know I could go, if I wanted to, and that incredible cultural opportunities such as this exists just 15 miles or so beyond my little subdivision.  (Oh, how I've missed living near a real city for the last 10 years...can you tell?)

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Furries vs. Klingons?
Terrifies me to my very core.
I just had a full-body shudder thinking about it.

chatty cricket

Tell me about How I Met Your Mother...but now Sweetie and I will be looking for that yellow umbrella in every scene every week until we meet their stinkin mother already. Oh but I love that show.


The premiere of HIMYM was so damn funny I nearly wet myself. SLAP BET COUNTDOWN!


You know, HIMYM is so good, I think we need an open thread for it. I know a sitcom is short and a departure for open threads...but SO FUNNY.


Love HIMYM so very much! And I know Neil Patrick Harris is not my type (read: I am not HIS type), but much props to the guy for being surprisingly smokin'. Oh, and I wonder if they'll find random occasions all season to show off Ted's tramp stamp, and we can see different people's reactions.

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