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The Universe (Mind? BLOWN.)

That's right, betches. I be gettin' all public-tee-vee-ish and droppin' some science on your a$$es. (No, I mean as in the actual Sciences.) Holla, geeks!

I spent most of this long Labor Day weekend watching a marathon of the Nazi History Channel series The Universe. A 13-episode, 10-hour full tour of the cosmos, it is a staggering experience well worth the investment time-wise. Over the past 48 hours or so, I worked my way from the inner to the outer planets -- with some consideration of alien galaxies, black holes, extraterrestrial life, and nuclear fusion -- and now anxiously await tonight's climactic (literally! and alliteratively! (snorfle)) concluding chapter, "Beyond The Big Bang."

Oh I shall miss thee, sweet sweet Universe. (wipes away single, perfect tear.)

So if, like me, you also enjoy geeking out spaceship earth-style, fire up the bong tune in for the miniseries finale at 8pm this evening, and set the TiVo to snag all the episodes you missed. And be not ashamed mah nerdy comrades, be not ashamed...

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LOVE this show. Did you see the thing about how Saturn has a hexagon cloud formation at its top? That shit is nuts!


Kelly: I KNOW! it hurts my brain! and yet i love! (so hexagons are *natural* forms, under the right circumstances?! man, physics rooolz!) /end massive geekery


yeah, but like...HOW? how do gases and air make angles on a sphere? where are these invisible corners that they bend around? *head explodes*


Geeks unite! Woo! :)

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